JoyFunScripter not being able to save changes

Hey everyone! I have recently started using JoyFunScripter to make my own scripts. However, sometimes when I try to edit my scripts or other downloaded scripts with the tool, it will give me an “Failed to save script” message (see image).

I don’t know if this is related, but upon opening the script / video it will give me an error saying it couldn’t detect the video framerate.

Has anyone else had this problem and maybe found a solution? All help is greatly appreciated.
Thank you!

I’ve figured out how to circumvent the issue.
Instead of saving the updated script normally and overwriting the old file, you can just select the
“Save copy as” option and have the edited funscript as a new script.
I’d still like to see a proper solution to the problem though, since I still can’t use autosave…

Have you tried moving the script and video into different folder - “Documents” for example? Or running JFS as administrator? It’s definitely some save permission issue, maybe the script is in read-only mode or something? And try to renaming it to something simple with the video - like “123”, it sometimes help.

The framerate issue is normal, I always had it but it doesn’t cause any problems afaik.

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i get this when starting a new project all the time, what i do is save copy as, create a new script file, close the program down, open it all back up again and load your video and newly created script file, now when you want to save it should work all the time with that project

if this isnt what you meant please ignore this lol

oh and i get the framerate message everytime i open it to but its never caused a problem at all

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