Just 2D vids & scripts... No VR plz..not everyone has VR

I just recently purchased my handy and I see a lot of VR I need a post just for 2D scripts… flat videos no VR if anybody has some please feel free to leave them here… Thank you in advance

you can use the search to exclude anything with a vr tag, for example Search results for '-tags:vr #scripts' - EroScripts

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I just want the video and the script I don’t want no pmv I guess that’s what it’s called when it goes to the beat now I like just the script in the video so is that just called 2D? Or like flat video what is that called when I just went to script and the video?

you can exclude things from a search using “-” in front of something. So “-tags:vr” would exclude any topic that is tagged with vr. You can exclude multiple tags like “-tags:vr,pmv,hmv”. So learn how to use advanced search and you’ll be able to get what you’re looking for.




Thank you bro…I got it

I’ll leave some self-promotion here. Here you will find a lot of 2d scripts, and no PMV

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You’re a God thank you so much bro I greatly appreciate it

Here is the link I made back in the day to filter out 2D content: All free 2D scripts

You can also check this guide I made: How to filter topics to find what you are looking for

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Bro you are the Man :100:

Another good resource finding some of the older stuff from here.

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Yessss… I’m coming across people making their own apps and everything this is so cool so if you know any other apps that you know please put me on… you are a godsend bro

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