Just purchased the handy

So I have a few question for those of you experienced handy users, but first I’d like to mention that I’m an Sr6 user that I pair with XTPlayer and deoVR.

  1. What do you use for local playback? I’d like to use XTPlayer but I haven’t figured out the connection yet. I’ve tried funscript.io and faptap but don’t really like that there’s issues finding a scene (faptap) or the handy doesn’t load script in funscript.io.

  2. What do you use for Vr content? I have a few Vr scripts that I’m trying to get through.

  3. Any recommendations or pro tips for a new handy user? Couldn’t be anything ex. kind of lube, sleeve recommendation, reduce clean up when using open ended sleeve (kind of need this one lol)

Thanks in advance.

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Heresphere, that’s all you need when you use a Handy.

DeoVR works too since you are used to that, but unless you are an SLR subscriber I recommend that you give Heresphere a try. Free download with a minimal nagscreen and isn’t expensive to buy if you like it.


I can highly recommend SexLikeReal and use it with DeoVR on your Device.

If you want to watch/connect on pc, i use ScriptPlayer with local playback or also with DeoVR on pc.

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Keep the “driveshaft” cleaned and lubed. It can dry out and/or catch a lot of debris–because it is open to the air through the slot the carriage rides in.
I use cotton swabs to clean and apply lube (not sure if its the best, but I have no complaints about Super Lube-21030 Synthetic Multi-Purpose Grease, 3 Oz).

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Thanks everyone I’ll try heresphere out. I’ve heard a lot about it. @fuccaneer i didn’t even think about lubing the drive shaft. How often would you say you do that. I know it’ll vary depending on usage and stuff.

I clean/relube whenever it occurs to me.

  • Sometimes I see buildup on the driveshaft. Looks like a thin black film over the chrome of the shaft.
  • If it feels like the strokes are lagging or struggling
  • If the Handy makes more noise that usual
  • If there are any abnormal smells coming from the Handy (like hot grease/metal smell or ozone)
  • If the Handy seems hotter than normal after a session

If I was to guess maybe once every two months or 400 hours of use.
I have noticed that speed strokes in HMV and PMV script really impact it so I relube soon after a couple long sessions.

Didn’t want to make a whole new post if i didn’t have to so thought I’d just ask here first. Where exactly do i lube? If someone could provide a picture of the location. I looked at the website and it says the screw at the top and as well at the bottom, but it doesn’t make sense to me how the screw at the top being lubed helps maybe I’m looking at the wrong thing. It also says to move the slider all way up and apply idk what it refers to. Appreciate any help.

I thought there were some youtube vids out there but couldnt find them now.

The “screw” is the threaded rod you can see when you look into the slot that the sleeve carrier rides in. The “slider” is the plastic piece that the strap attaches to–it “slides” up and down, so I guess “slider” is as good a term as anything, but I call it the sleev “carrier”. You clean and lube the threaded rod because of the carrier sliding up and down and the drive bearings spinning the rod causes black debris to build up. Plus whatever old lube, dust, pubic hair, etc that drop in via the open slot. I don’t take the Handy apart, I just use the slot to clean/lube what I can reach.

I generally take a couple of clean Q-tips (cotton swabs) and run them up and down the threaded rod to remove most of the black buildup. I’ll move the carrier up and down to ensure I can reach most of the rod.

Once clean enough, I’ll use another clean Qtip with a bit of lube on it to reach into the slot and rub a generous streak of lube along the parts of the threaded rod I can reach. I’ll move the carrier manually to get at the other end of the threaded rod.

Then I turn the Handy on manual stroke and let it distribute the lube the rest of the way. Any excess lube will get thrown off by the action so I try not to go to far overboard with the lube.

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