Keon frustration

Bought a Keon, even though I said I would never by another Kirroo product when my Launch stopped working. My Launch was under warranty, and they did not even respond to my request for replacement. Turns out that they were discontinuing it and replacing with Keon.

Well after more than a year, maybe 2, I decided I would get a Keon. So, what do I think? It is heavy and hard to hold. But my biggest disappointment is that it runs out of juice, just as My juice gets stirred up. Things are just getting very nice, and boom it stops. Kirroo, you need to get a better battery or do like the Handy and use a power cord!!!

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If you’re willing to tinker with it a bit, there’s this interesting thread for you.


Yeah. The battery running out too quickly is why I abandoned my Keon. I think it feels better than the Handy, but that doesn’t really help when it dies before you’re done.

yeh battery life isnt great, so no very long sessions
but keon has few advantages over many other toys. it is the most quiet toy of any in the market. and very simple to setup and fully wireless
as far as being heavy and hard to hold, you should look into handsfree mount

@cane-man if you need any help with my tutorial just let me know i can help you through the steps. but the tutorial helped a lot of guys already. just mod it. thats the way!

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