Keon Hands Free Ideas?

I recently saw that Kiiroo is selling three different accessories to keep from having to hold the Keon. Has anyone figured out a good solution(s) to use it without having to buy an accessory? Thanks in advance!

I usually put a stack of pillows/blankets under the Keon to support it while sitting up. Laying down is more difficult for me to do hands free…
I’ve seen other people say that they use a blanket wrapped around their neck and the Keon to hold it in place for a BJ-like position, but have not yet tried this myself!

my option


When I used to use my Keon I would just lean it between me and the edge of my desk. Adjust the chair height as necessary. I also bought one of those barbell pads to add to the edge of my desk to stop it from making noise

So here is a solution I came up with
I used a pipe clamp to get a mounting point for the Keon.
Then I got a monitor mount to mount it to any table etc.
So I have full height, and angel adjustment.

Keep in mind the Keon is heavy and the movement also stresses the pipe clamp and monitor mount so don’t cheap out on them.

P_20220415_181538 P_20220415_181547


Woodworker here, that idea of the pipe clamp seems good, going to think about adjusting it to add something wood looking to it :slight_smile: thanks for the added pictures

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That’s a great idea to use the pipe clamp! Did you use some kind of a thread adapter to mount it to that plate or just welded them together?

Just like the launch, you can use a stanley band clamp to wrap around it, then wedge the handle of that in the vice grips of a stanley multi-vice mounted to a desk or table. You’re welcome.

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Does anyone know where I can find that pipe clamp in the USA?

my guess would be a hardware store, like ACE, or another local one. home depot may very well have one as well

The clamp that they sell for it is really good and stable. Easily attaches to a desk. You may need to fiddle with it to get the right angle. Mine is more horizontal since I can’t lower my desk as far down as I’d like and my chair won’t go high enough. :slight_smile: The recommendations of getting an arm for it would helpful if you can’t adjust your seat or your desk height easily. I like the idea of a monitor arm but I like to put things away when I’m done and it would become very annoying have to mount and unmount a monitor arm from the desk. :slight_smile: