Keon Hands Free Ideas?

I recently saw that Kiiroo is selling three different accessories to keep from having to hold the Keon. Has anyone figured out a good solution(s) to use it without having to buy an accessory? Thanks in advance!

I usually put a stack of pillows/blankets under the Keon to support it while sitting up. Laying down is more difficult for me to do hands free…
I’ve seen other people say that they use a blanket wrapped around their neck and the Keon to hold it in place for a BJ-like position, but have not yet tried this myself!

my option


When I used to use my Keon I would just lean it between me and the edge of my desk. Adjust the chair height as necessary. I also bought one of those barbell pads to add to the edge of my desk to stop it from making noise

So here is a solution I came up with
I used a pipe clamp to get a mounting point for the Keon.
Then I got a monitor mount to mount it to any table etc.
So I have full height, and angel adjustment.

Keep in mind the Keon is heavy and the movement also stresses the pipe clamp and monitor mount so don’t cheap out on them.

P_20220415_181538 P_20220415_181547


Woodworker here, that idea of the pipe clamp seems good, going to think about adjusting it to add something wood looking to it :slight_smile: thanks for the added pictures