Keon is too much!

The Keon is amazing! The problem for me is that I can barely last more than a couple of minutes at the most. After reading some posts, I’m wondering if slow scripts might be what I’m looking for? I’ve seen some posts that have slow scripts. Most of them are BJ’s, but when I see them, it looks like there’s never a full stroke. Are there any scripts for people that want to make the fun last longer than 2 minutes, that have both oral and vaginal?


You must train young grasshopper, and you too will one day master the way of the iron dick. :rofl:


this one is pretty slow and enjoyable :slight_smile:

You wanna last longer. Start scripting, when u take notes on ur own scripts for improvements you can ummm withstand a lot hahahaha XD

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I know! I’m trying! Trust me, I want to train. That’s why I needs ideas and recommendations on videos to help me train. The really fast strokes kill me. But, the really really slow strokes are good, but there’s got to be something in the middle. Or, slow, but with oral and vaginal? I like the slow idea, and think that might help. But, I need to find slow, but with short and long strokes. I think that might be the perfect training solution.

take 3 shots and then use it.


@pigspoon41 You could try - Create, Modify, Enjoy Funscripts
Just find a video and a matching script that you like and load em in the modify section, the apply the FunHalver
Should make you last 50% longer at least :wink:

Unironically this. Grab some edging scripts and get training.

Was in a similar situation when I first got into this. Edging and slower scripts help a lot, handjob and blowjob ones are pretty helpful. The MHBHJ set or w/e that acronym is exactly are great.
Riley MHBJ
I can recommend this one.

get a stamina trainer sleeve I have the opposite problem I need to fix it to last longer, I will be making some good stuff soon as I figure it out

As already advised above, try the MHBHJ video, from mine I would recommend
And also a couple of videos from MihaNika
There is only a blowjob, but I think they are quite suitable for training


just curious, did you have this problem with the fleshlight launch? (if you had one)

I have only Keon

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Maybe the sleeve is to tight? That’s a general problem for men with a bigger friend than average size. The Fleshlight cases (Classic and QuickShot) were conceived too tightly in my eyes and of course the sleeves too.

I had a surgery 15 years ago, which involved spinal aenesthesia. Maybe that is the reason i can last 2-3 hours. My problem is the opposite of yours, i want to finish in 4-5 minutes, but i need at least 30-40 minutes.