Keon loses connection after 30seconds on PC only

Using intiface-desktop and scriptplayer on fresh windows 10 install and after fighting for the last 6 hours with windows updates and drivers I am starting to think my bluetooth dongle is junk. Keon works fine on faptap on android so it’s not the keon itself. The keon will connect to faptap on PC or intiface for roughly 30 seconds and then disconnect. Doesn’t matter if a script is playing or not. I have changed ports, checked power settings on every usb port and the bluetooth itself nothing is set to save power. I even tried an extension cable, same 30 seconds then disconnects. I’ve tried different drivers, uninstalling, disabling, all that jazz and when it works at all it’s the same 20-30seconds. I’m open to ideas before I order a new dongle.

Sry about your struggles. It sounds like u need a new dongle, but have u tried getting it to work with another gadget? Maybe u cud try a bluetooth speaker or xbox controller, just to verify that the dongle is idd crap

Well it appears that a new bluetooth adapter has fixed the issue. So the ASUS - USBBT500 works, it’s even plugged in on the backside of my PC about 5-6ft from the keon and no issues.

My old adapter was a cheapo from ebay that is only labeled V5.0. So if you are looking for adapters don’t buy that pos.

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