Keon not connecting to bluetooth

Hello, I’m having trouble getting my device (keon) to connect to my computer. Heres what I do;
I start a server using Intiface and connect Script Player to Buttplug. I load my video and script, and then I open the devices drop down, search for device, but my Keon never connects. Idk what I’m doing wrong? I also use a Bluetooth Dongle :
so I should have no problem connecting. My KEON is not connected to any other device, nor is it connected to my PC. Is there some other software I need to install? Is it a problem with my blue tooth drivers perhaps? Any solutions? Thanks a lot!

maybe it will help you
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So this is a dumb question and you have probably already tried, but did you try connecting your device before loading a video/script?

Yea I’ve tried both ways and nothing. I think I’m gonna re install all bluetooth drivers and try again when I get the time

@RandomAccount312 - give this step by step guide a try if you havent already :

See Option 3 for PC bluetooth method - if you would like direct one on one assistance, just message me anytime on Discord (Realcumber#3476)

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