KEON to OSR2 Sleeve Case Adapter?

As the title says, is there some OSR2 stl(?) file to print out that lets the OSR2 hold the sleeve case from the KEON? A while back I accidentally tripped/stepped on my Fleshlight case pretty hard catching myself and cracked it bad enough to throw away. I did have a small cut from it at the time on my foot for those curious. It’s what got me into looking up other devices, and getting the KEON at the time.

Now someone is helping me by building a OSR2+ and I want to connect the KEON case if possible. If not, I can go buy a new case, but if there’s an adapter to quickly print that’d be great. Looking around for one myself online, so lemme know if anyone sees/knows of one. :slight_smile:

Edit: Oh, and it would need to work with the Twist, otherwise I will just buy a new one. Not going to miss out on that function, that’s for sure!

You should consider printing, or having printed, the mod case for the FL sleeve that has it’s .stl on the same development site of the OSR!

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Not sure which site that is tbh. I see some sleeve case stl files around the net, but printingl the different parts it would be quite a bit to print it all. Possibly needing another spool of plastic, which at that point I can just pick up a case instead of having them print more. Thanks for the idea though. I did just kind of overlook the idea of printing a case in general.

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