Kiiroo Keon -- Can't Keep up with Fast Scripts

Hi all,

I am new to this world of interactive toys. I am blown away (pun intended) by my new Kiirroo Keon but noticed that it stutters when the action is fast. I have played around with all kinds of settings and can’t get it to keep up. it is great for the slow strokes but starts missing a beat when things go fast. Any ideas on how to fix that or is that normal??


Unfortunately it is commonly noted among the community that the Keon is a bit slow. That said, sometimes stuttering comes from the scripts depending on how many plot points there are. I’d recommend picking the script that’s causing the stutter and seeing if you can smooth out some of the plot points.

Thanks! Good to know is not that my Keon is defective but that it is a flaw with the device/script.

Maybe I should save and invest in a Handy. I have not heard anyone complain about it.

Also, of note, it may depend on your script playback software. For example, i experience stuttering every now and again on my keon which is linked to the SLR interactive app on my oculus quest2, and ive noticed that if i just restart the entire headset real quick, it reboots the SLR interactive app and completely fixes the stuttering. It has worked literally every time for me when i get occasional stuttering. And my keon has done super super well (imo) handling high speeds with solid fidelity for me every other time.

So just something to consider, the script playback software. Hope that helps!!

Disclaimer: the stuttering i explain is independent of the script speed, it stutters on slow strokes also w the app issue. So if urs only stutters at mach speed it may not be a software issue. Ive also loved my keon, havent tried handy, but am MORE than happy w the keon

The handy is good. Thoroughly enjoy it. However, if ur in an environment where you can have a bit of noise, apparently the OSR2 (I think that’s how it’s spelled) it’s better. Not that the handy is not good. That being said, the handy is much quieter


Thanks. I will look into that one as I save.

Thanks! Mine is just fine on slow speeds. It may be in my head but increases the latency to -120ms made things better. But I don’t know why that would be and as I said it just might be in my head.

the best sold toys have a 400mms travel speed but exceeding that doesnt cause the stutter, many short direction changes does. Then again if there are too many direction changes in a very short time every toy will feel like its stuttering because well basically it is. But the problem with the keon and launch is that they are relatively bad in quick direction changes (they need 100ms between each point where the handy just needs 50ms).

For scripts that are too fast for my keon, I use what is called a “fun halfer”. It cuts out half the motions so that the script is not too much: - Create, Modify, Enjoy Funscripts

simple to use. Half fun…I mean have :slight_smile:

Awesome. Tried it out and it worked out nice for some videos. But for many of the videos I was hoping to fix, it did not work too well–the resulting motion become to slow and out of sync. I will play around with it more to see if it is possible to cutdown by 3/4 instead of half for example and see how that works. Stay tuned.

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** Disclaimer - I’m a Handy employee **
The direction change is faster on a Handy due to the brushless motor vs the brushed motor in other toys. It also helps to keep noise and heat down and has improved torque, speed, and control.

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If you guys would ever do a double motor version for supporting heavier onaholes and have a longer mounting plate built in I’d throw money at that so fast lol (one can dream)

Love the Handy!


I second this!

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I third!

A double motor would be great. I would also love to see a micro bullet vibe attached somehow to the sliding mechanism to give true vibrating sensations vs stuttering which has got to be brutal on the internals over time.