Kiiroo KEON Combo & KMP Maga Kore Minami's Bakujiri Hole - USA

I have a Kiiroo Keon (Used once) and the sleeve holder for it (I might still have the original sleeve it came with unused) as I swapped the sleeve with my own fleshlight when I tried it out as well as the Strap Attachment for it. Looking for around $150 (or send me a reasonable offer with shipping) for it all.

Also a long shot is a also used once Maga Kore Minami’s Bakujiri Hole Hip toy that is just taking up space now in its original packaging. It’s been thoroughly cleaned and hasn’t been used since. This monster is about 14 lb so I am open to offers with shipping for this one.

Only reason I want to get rid of these two is I’m just sticking with the Handy and soon OSR2/SR6. The Maga Kore hip is just taking up too much space since I have 2 other hip toys that gets more useage.
Honestly if I don’t get rid of this one eventually it’ll prob end up getting tossed in a landfill so I can have some closet space again lol


U still have it? If so ill buy it from u.