Kiiroo Keon slower stroke speed?


What would be the slowest admissible stroke speed for the Keon?

I’ve been trying out scripting with OFS and have had a hard time matching the slower movements of the Keon to the script. It seems the device only reads the next final position and moves there at a regular speed, regardless of the interval between two points.

Is there a way to slow the speed down to below ~107 units/min? How are you scripting slower movements? Do we have to just put a succession of up and down movements to fill out the intervals, or maybe try to add intermediate points and somehow avoid jittering?

Thank you for any insight.

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I noticed this when I use to use my Launch as well. I didn’t create many scripts for it, so I can’t remember if I was able to solve it or not… A more experienced scripter may have a solution, but one thing I remember trying was add an extra point 1 frame ahead, just before a bit change in stroke speed. That sounds confusing, maybe this will help:

It seemed to me like the Launch would just keep going at whatever pace it was until the second stroke of the pace change, it was weird… I think by adding this extra point it “shocked it” into recalculating. As I said, I don’t remember 100% if that worked or not, but I do remember being able to achieve some slower speeds, and larger speed changes.

I’m no sure if this is the same thing you’re experiencing with your Keon… The Launch would definitely do 107 u/s, it just “skipped” the change right away. I hope this helps!

For anything more than a second long I just add points along the line. It prevents the Keon, for whatever reason it does this, from just jumping to the final position


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Hello Both,

Thank you very much for the suggestions. I tried adding one extra point to long intervals, but it didn’t seem to force the device to move slower to match the curve. It did help to speed it up for rapid changes though.

When I tried to adding intermediate points as GoonerScriptz suggested, the strokes get jittery and keep stuttering from one point to the next, so it’s not ideal. Any ideas how to smooth them out?

Looks like it’s a limitation of the Keon, from what I hear from you two.

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The best thing to do is to add your bottom point and top point for the entire motion. Then once that is done scroll slowly through that “stroke” until the reference bar is exactly at a position you can easily enter 10-100. Alternatively if it never hits any of those potions you can manually move the point more precisely by holding shift while hitting the up or down arrow in Openfunscripter.

That’s the best we can do, the Keon is just jittery if we add too many points

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