Kiiroo KEON strokes are slower when using Funscript - is this a common issue?

I used with my Kiiroo KEON via bluetooth on my Mac and I’ve noticed that the strokes are much slower compared to when I was using script player on my Windows laptop I not longer have.

Is this a Mac issue as the bluetooth isn’t strong enough, or is it a Funscript problem when translating to KEON devices? It would be helpful to hear if anyone else has had this issue and how they solved it.

I get a significant delay when using the keon with the same player on Android and on a windows PC, I believe it is a known issue of that particular player. It’s currently the only player with android/mac support for the keon though as far as I know.

For the time being I’ve given up on playing action-based scripts and stick to music-based hero scripts, where I don’t really notice the delay. (the move just follows the music beats instead of being right on, which still feels fine)

The player is under active development though, so it might get fixed at some point.

It’s a shame that us Mac users get no love haha - I’ve asked a number of times on this fourm if there’s any plans to implement it into some of the other players out there and it’s always a flat out “no”.

Hopefully, this player gets updated as the scripts are so incredibly slow that I haven’t really used my KEON in the past 4 months.

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