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Kiiroo Keon

I find Keon bluetooth doesnt have the farthest range, so maybe try a usb extender cable for your bluetooth, or get it close as possible to Toy/bluetooth, since Initface (regardless of the method, should just be using your PC’s bluetooth iirc @qdot)

I often actually find myself, disconnecting Initface from Scrtipplayer and reconnecting and re-scanning a couple times if I have issues @shiningsomelier

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@Realcumber thanks for the advice. I managed to make it work somewhat but it’s still not completely smooth process. So for anyone who has same/similar issue, I can make script player find Keon by doing following:

  • in script player setting, tab ‘Buttplug’ I set Connect to Buttplug, Search for Devices to true
  • start Intiface and start server
  • now I just have to start and close script player over and over until it detects Keon, usually takes about 2-4 tries (at least in my case, distance of Keon to the bluetooth receiver didn’t seem to matter)

Not exactly ideal but it sure beat going through the tutorial every time.

@shiningsomelier - I just tested and I was able to reproduce the same issue you had:

  • Keon not being found on first attempt - So keep having Initface open, then closing Scriptplayer latest beta, then reopening Scriptplayer, connecting to buttplug and scanning devices - worked everytime on the 2nd attempt

@Liquid / @qdot - does this makes any sense why this would be happening or how to prevent?

Only if the device needs to be in some kind of “state” to be usable first.

It’s probably me. I think I broke something when trying to fix a memory leak in our bluetooth core earlier this week. I’ll try to get this patched up in the next couple of days.

Thanks for the reponses guys - @qdot - that makes more sense since I could totally remember having instant connections on previous Initface versions

Tracking bug is here for anyone who cares.

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Ok I think this is fixed in the new v21 engine that I just put out. Please try it and let me know.


Just updated to your v21 Engine in Initface - gave it a scan - sorry @qdot sad news is same issue - I still need to close then re-open Scriptplayer and repeat connect and scan for it to pick up Keon

I also notice it crashes it Scriptplayer ongoing if you have more than 1 device scanned and picked up in Initface (like XInput gamepad And Keon together)

Huh. Ok. I’ll see what I can do and let you know.

mumbles something about promising backward compat being his worst idea ever :3

Yup. My fault again. Tracking bug here, bug patched and testing now, will announce with v22 is out.


THIS IS NOW FIXED IN v22. However this discourse installation won’t allow more than 3 consecutive replies so I’m having to edit this one. I checked with a Keon and Edge, came up in ScriptPlayer just fine. However right after my Keon ran out of power, so I didn’t get too much long term testing in. Please let me know if you continue to have issues.

BTW, while I may sound grumbly, that’s just me getting mad at myself. Please keep reporting this stuff! There’s gonna be a ton of bug churn over the next few weeks as I nail down all of the issues in the new code I just released. The bluetooth work is difficult to test other than manually, and I will miss some cases, so y’all are basically my QA team. :slight_smile:


lol - of course that happens

Just confirmed and tested @qdot - works like a dream again - thanks for the awesome support and quick fixes! Im sure all Keon users are very thankful for it :slight_smile:

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I’m new to all these…

Are you using Syncydink or Scriptplayer with your Buttplug… ( NO VR ATM )

or which one do you prefer i.e easier less buggier?

I have Kiroo Keon on the way (still no tracking)

I just wanna get ahead of the game and learn the script before my delivery comes and get overwhelmed!

Use this guide step by step - no need for Syncydink - all software necessary and steps included here:

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isnt this gonna look weird on my monitor since I dont have a VR Headset at all?

and also it looks like I have to DOWNLOAD more Software with this Tutorial vs Syncydink+ Buttplug Combo

enlighten me please! I’m very new and probably dont know what I’m talking about…

do I only DL the circled one or all of them ?

I just transferred the tutorial with proper links directly only needed here on Eroscripts @jbstfu28:

Let me know if you get stuck anywhere

I’ve Downloaded #1 #3 and #5 on posted picture here…

and I’ve renamed and pasted the “Whirligig NonVR.txt”

do I also need to DOWNLOAD #2 #4?

whats my next move?elp

u need #2 yes

#4 is entirely optional no need

Just follow the steps exactly from there, depending on your toy

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