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How To Watch VR Interactive Scripts without need for a VR Headset on your 2D monitor - Step by Step guide:

Alot of guys have been asking me how to watch my full length VR scripts without VR headset on 2d monitor, so I was able to figure it out and show you guys a step by step on how to do so:

The cool thing is, with this method, you can pan around with your mouse to focus on whereever you want to focus, just like in VR and similar to 360 videos.

Definitely check this method out!

Watching VR and Interactive Scripts on your 2D monitor without a VR Headset - Step by Step guide:

Download and Install Official “Whirligig Free Version” =>
(direct link from “Whirligig Free — Whirligig”)

Download and Install SteamVR => SteamVR on Steam

Download and Install @Liquid’s Scriptplayer (any version works but latest Beta is recommended) => Downloading Beta Builds · FredTungsten/ScriptPlayer Wiki · GitHub

optional => Less Scriptplayer features but better Kiiroo Launch playback = MEGA

Download the “Whirligig NonVR.txt” attachment here: 29 byte file on MEGA
then RENAME the extension to “Whirligig NonVR.bat”

-Move the “Whirligig NonVR.bat” file into => C:\Program Files\Whirligig Free

-Double click “Whirligig NonVR.bat” to run Whirligig in NonVR mode

When Whirligig starts up fully:
-Press F2 for settings (If your keyboard has brightness on F2 button, hold “F” or “FN” key and press “F2”)
-Use your mouse to select “Timecode Server” in the first “G1” settings tab that pops up
-Then click the “0 Buttons” Tab at the top
-Then click the 3rd icon from the left (Open Explorrer) to choose the VR video you want to play

Open up Scriptplayer:
-Click the “Video player” tab,
-Choose “Whirligig”
-Press OK if theres a timecode popup
-Click the “Devices” tab
-Select “Connect to Launch Directly” (Turn on your Kiiroo launch device)
-Now play the VR Video inside Whirligig, and your Toy will start moving to match the action on screen!

*remember to rename your video and funscript files to match exactly
*If script doesnt load/play, just drag and drop the funscript file directly onto the Scriptplayer window
*press the “Windows” key on your keyboard to change focus from Whirligig to your PC desktop

-Keyboard and controller shortcuts for any adjustments: Controls — Whirligig



This works great, trying to get the mouse cursor to go away while a video is playing is the only issue I’m having with this (this also works with the paid Steam version)

And just as I read the bit about hitting the Windows key quick tapping that did the trick lol

lol @Cloudyfire - yeah the point was to have a no cost method for guys to make it work on their end first - paid whirligig of course works too but guys likely wouldnt have or buy it if they didnt have vr in the first place :stuck_out_tongue:

Is there a version for iOS?

One thing I have to point out – the free Whirlgig version is a very old build that does not seem to play h265 encoded videos. You may have to shell out for a paid (albeit rather inexpensive) Steam Store version if you have and want to play such videos.

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