Kiiroo's Big 2022 Labor Day Sale live now! Last day is today (Sep 6)

Headsup about Kiiroo’s Big Labor Day Sale going on right now!

  • Its ongoing I believe until Sept 6th and you can get up to 70% off! (Affiliate links below)

  • Some items tend to sell out during these sales, so it would be a good idea to consider purchasing sooner than later during the sale, especially as Today is their VIP early access

Everything they have on sale right now directly viewable here! :arrow_right: Labor Day Sale!

  • Hope you guys can get a great deal on something you’ve been looking out for! :crossed_fingers:

Screenshot Preview:

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Thank you for the heads up. The URL contains what I am assuming is your affiliate link. Personally, I think anytime someone uses their affiliate link in their posts it should be stated. Something to consider…

Edit: I somehow didn’t see the affiliate link disclosure so apologies for my comment. Thanks again.


Is it just me or even though it says up to 70% sale, the biggest sale I can find is 50% for replacement sleeves for Onyx and the rest is all around 30%?

It is stated that it is an affiliate link although it mentions “affiliate links below” but it is also the link above. I missed it the first time as well, but I remember an old discussion about it so I checked again. The OP hasn’t been edited so it has been there from the very beginning.

Dang, took me reading it 3 times to see it. Thanks for pointing that out.

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Hey @BuckNekkid - its all good, my apologies as well as I definitely could have made it more clearer on my end, but thanks @sentinel for the point out :pray:

I was posting in bit of a hurry, and hoped I could help get the word out sooner and will try to do so on sales I come across like this.

@jvdsx - its possible that the earliest 70% items have sold out during the VIP sale, but I did a quick search and I found one item still for 70% off

  • the “OhMibod Esca2” (Affiliate Link) which is a “Next-gen interactive wearable massager”

  • The Onyx+ (Affiliate Link) looks still to be about 40% off

  • The Keon and the many new Feel stroker sleeves at 30% off is still a very strong discount - I dont think they discount much higher than that iirc

You might have some luck also signing up to their email list and possibly stack the 10% coupon you get by email as well there

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Dont sleep on any of the feelstars. Believe they’re made from TPE instead…lil harder material. Own em all and the only one that was boring was rae lil black…and they fit perfectly in a fleshlight case for the osr owners

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Just heads up to everyone that today is the last day of Kiiroo’s Labor day sale!

Out of curiosity @droc176 - did you have a personal favorite sleeve out of yours so far?

Not sure if you’ve also experienced the same, but I found that these Feelstar sleeves seem to keep the lube (gun oil h20) distributed longer than my Fleshlights, which is always a good thing

Probably molly stewart or alexis fawx

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