🎁 Kiiroo's Big Easter Sale 2024 is live right now! Up to 51% off (plus get an additional 10% off!)

Hey Everyone, New headsup that going on right now is → Kiiroo’s Big Easter Sale 2024!

Also a headsup that links in this post are affiliate links (no additional cost to you) and that you can also get 10% off additional on already discounted items and bundles if you use promo code :arrow_right: realcumbervip

  • Sale starts now until April 4th 2024 and you can get anywhere between 20% up to 51% off!
  • Higher discounted items tend to sell out first so unfortunately those discounts are not guaranteed to remain for the duration of the sale
  • Hope you guys can get a great deal on something you’ve been looking out for! :crossed_fingers:

If you are looking for more items to bundle together, here are some of my current personal favorite recommendations:

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Just out of curiosity, is there really any item that is 70% off? I’ve scoured through the whole easter deal page and the biggest discount I found was 50% off most strokers. I appreciate the offers, but the fact that you’re advertising it as up to 70% off seems a bit misleading to me.

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Hey @jvdsx - there for sure was supposed to be, but I went through the whole site again just now and can no longer see any more items 70% off

Kiiroo specifically highlights the 70% offers even on their own banners so it’s likely those items have already sold out by now - really sorry about that

To avoid anyone being potentially mislead, I’ve updated the title and put a note about sales potentially selling out and will adjust the title further if any discounts are no longer valid - sorry again and thank you for bringing that up!


Hey everyone - just a friendly headsup that today is the last day for Kiiroo’s Easter sale! (less than 20 hours to go)