Kiroon Keon scrips compatibility

I read most of the scripts in here are made for the handy andI know it handles them better but what about the Kiroon?, it is compatible with many of those scripts also?.

There pretty interchangeable, may need to extend the length of the stroke by 20% ish ( i don’t usually do that). And the vibration scripts don’t seem to feel enjoyable on it but that may just be my opinion.

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I own the handy, Keon and SR6. Keon remains my all round favourite and plays all the scripts on here just fine. It does struggle with very fastscripts and long slow strokes.Personally I find that the HapticConnect app gives the best playback compared to scriptplayer.
Fievel45 do you mean lower? Extending stroke would increase the speed of script.

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curious what makes keon ur favorite?
was considering myb get also an sr6 but love to know drawbacks first

I guess longer. Since the Keon has the shortest stroke length out of 3 devices you mentioned it helps to feel the short strokes that would be about 20-25% longer on Handy / SR6 (on SR6 maybe even longer). I think that Keon has issues with the interval of the strokes rather than their length (maybe).

How do you extend the length of the strokes? I do feel that it’s a bit short sometimes

Isn’t the HapticConnect app for phones?

You can use Fun Expander to extend the length of the strokes, @xxxpoxxx :

or you can do it with ScriptPlayer’s Range Extender.

The same scripts from Interactive VR Porn with Sex Toys - The Handy, Kiiroo Fleshlight Launch VR, Kiiroo Keon and others work with all compatible devices The complete guide to interactive sex toys and scripts

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No, i meant lengthen. The handy has a longer strike length so when tested on the handy smaller movements feel fine but on the keon they can be barely noticeable. When thats the case i lengthen the script about 20 percent its not perfect but it works.

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Ok I understand, in some cases you need to length stokes and in some shorten the stokes so that you don’t go over the speed limit. If the stroke length are too long and slow {time wise} the keon will rush it and get to end before the vidoe does.

xxxpoxxx Yes that correct the HapticConnect app is for phones that I use with Quest 2. You can also download it directly on the Quest but hasn’t work for months for me so I use the phone version. I feel like the bluetooth connection is much stonger and keon feels much more lively with it…

jojo321 Don’t get me wrong, without question the SR6 is far superior and a must experience that everyone should try. I could write an essay about how much better it is. However if I could only have one, the keon edges it for a few reasons and I actually own two, one modified and standard.

  • Cost, easy of use/storage, untethered, available oem handsfree options, one of which you can use under the warm comfortable cosy duvet which helps to increase perceived ‘‘intimacy’’ and also lowers noise.

  • I personally prefer feelstar sleeves over the fleshlight. Especially the Nicolette Shea. One of the tightest/ strongest suction force sleeve I’ve tried.

  • Easy to modify, my diy heated element is far warmer that that of standard SR6.

  • Noise, with six servos running = Super noisy. In fairness I’ve heard you can upgrade them, not sure how much quieter it will be. It’s expensive so won’t be doing that unless they break. The marjority of my alone happens very late at night whilst wife and kids are fast asleep. It’s impossible to use whilst family are at home. So I don’t get to use it as much as the keon. In order to drown it out, you need good noise cancelling headphones and you have to crank the volume right up. With VR glasses on, you lose situational awareness. Which gets me a little paranoid at getting caught in a compromising situation. With the Keon I can use pretty much anytime, easy to drownout with a fan/light music in the spare bedroom.

  • The longer stoke length of the SR6 can be a negative if videos has long periods of inaction. If I get half soft my penis will fall out of the toy. So annoying and breaks built up immersion. Whereas with Keon I rarely ever do.

  • Porn music in my opinion plays better on the keon/handy. That precise mechanical up and down movements helps to highlight the beat of the song to dick lol. Whereas with the SR6 the buttery smooth up and down movements can kinda feel a little random and unconnected.

  • I don’t really know how to explain this. But again because of the ‘‘buttery smooth up and down movements’’ I feel sense of ‘‘Loss of detail’’ especially during blowjobs. Little movements are not felt as much. One of my favourite script ‘‘World Cup Orgy on SLR’’ I don’t feel as much detail from that script when using the SR6. They play very diffrently, so its good to switch it up.