KIRROO KEON, any input?

I got an add from KIRROO. I guess they are replacing the Launch with this new KEON. My launch lasted 3 months before the bluetooth stopped working. I contacted KIRROO multiple times with no response from them. So I gave up trying to get a replacement and just bought a Handy.

Now KIRROO is at it again. I wonder if they have fixed their poor quality. Any input?

You’ll find a fair bit of discussion about this over here.

Got it mid week, Built better, is smaller than the launch, uses a new but similar locking mechanism than the launch with a proprietary case kiiroo provides with the sleeve too. It’s essentially a very similar STU fleshlight experience. Has similar stroke length to regular launch if not slightly longer Maybe the sleeve is tighter than a fleshlight for me so makes it feel slightly different.

You can use other fleshlights in the case but it won’t be a perfect fit, will do the job but not as ideal as regular fleshlight cases which do not work with the KEON.

It is interactive, there’s a bigger focus on remote play but requires the new feel connect 3 app to pair with the KEON so you can watch the interactive content they push FeelXvideos There more than likely is room for someone to crack this like the launch was and have it just replace the now defunct launch.

Is it better than the launch ? I use all these toys and the handy for me is hard to replace, the launch i really liked its size for sitting in bed and hands free. This new Keon should get updates and i feel is probably smart enough for that and also fills the void of the regular launch, Only problem being lack of specific texture with the default sleeve. Possible certain fleshlight sleeves fit better, haven’t tried many yet.

Battery life has been a bit weird, fully charged more than 4 hours and probably got around 30 minutes use out of it. Kinda bummed if its not even close to the hour + i knew i could use the regular launch for.

Any other questions just dm me on any platform.