Knowledge of existing scripts before scripting

I have several questions, but the most important one is pretty much in the title already.
Even without any prior knowledge to scripting, movie editing or anything that comes even close to that (but I sat besides a friend back in 2002 who edited a schoolproject using magics whatever 2001^^) I wanted to get into scripting myself. On the one side to script stuff I really want to see and on the other hand to not just be a leecher. I want to at least try it, even with a decent chance of ragequitting at some point.
I already decided on a clip that I couldn´t find through search using the creators name or the character involved. So far so good. But a few days ago I found out that a script already existed by seeing a recommendation leading from one script to this script.
Now I know that it´s pretty much frowned upon to script stuff that already was scripted and my fear now is that I would start scripting stuff that has already been done without my knowledge. Especially considering that I heard several times that older, at times no longer existing scriptpages existed, several creators have huge libraries that are not all on here, dicsords etc…
How do I know if I can script something without stepping on someones foot? And what about for example being 80% done and someone posts the same scripted video? Do I just delete my stuff?
First idea would be to try to choose something in the requestsection but since I don´t know if I will pull through I would feel bad to give someone the feeling I´m working on it considering that I don´t even know what I will get myself into or how long it will take…

My priority right now lies on hentaistuff, either Hmv´s or series. There have been far too few real Hmv´s out there (not talking about the blenderstuff, there´s a lot of that but not that much when it comes to classic 2D-hentai)
And there have been a few series I really liked but couldn´t find a script on here.
Naturally the best choice would be to start using a small, looped blendervideo because there are many of those out there but since there are a few people putting these out like a fucking machinegun (thanks btw! :D) I don´t dare to try those, especially since I don´t follow creators and only see them once they´re already posted on major platforms.
So now to my other question to more knowledgable guys out there: What´s easier as a bloody starter? An Hmv or a Hentaiepisode? Hmv´s have the upside of not caring that much about strokelength etc if you make it beatfocussed. You just need to hit the beat and decide on the strokelength based on personal taste. And they´re usually pretty Short. But in many cases, especially more upbeat tracks you have A LOT of actions.
Hentaiepisodes have usually fewer actions, around half of the length is story and the speed is in most cases slower. But here you have to care more about hitting the right feeling and learning from the spot what works feelingwise and what doesn´t. And even with the subtracted Storystuff the scenes are usually longer…

I´m sorry if those are dumb questions and I bet they were already answered at some point but I can´t find anything and don´t even know what to search for…
Thanks in advance for anyone willing to help a total newb^^

There is a long thread discussing these kind of questions (or very similar at least). Read that and see if that answers your questions. Mark your thread as solved if you get your answer from the following thread.


You can’t be 100% sure that something wasn’t scripted already. That being said even if you script a video that already has been scripted I wouldn’t worry too much and just release it. Even though it’s the same video the expierence between two different scripts may vary massively, especially in HMV/PMV genre.

A good idea might be to create a new topic and ask if someone seen a script for your chosen scene.


Okay, thanks to you both. I think I´m at fault here, after skimming through different topics my impression was that rescripting stuff was something really bad, even if it was not intended. And I´ve seen on several occasions that people pulled out scripts from somewhere after someone asked that were not listed in search up to then. I just wanted to avoid a situation where after a lot of work I would look like an ass^^°
So…what I think I will do now is look into the stuff I have in mind, specifically for what looks like easy enough to script for a newb and then start a new topic under help to ask which of the choices has no, a mediocre or a no longer available script to put my time into something worthwhile for others, too. Would that be okay?
Because right now I have no idea what was done already and since it will be a learningprocess I don´t care that much either as long as it´s not too hard. Just want to learn and provide something, too^^

I think that using search function is enough, as long as the name of the video didn’t change, but if you want to be extra sure than you might as well ask / write that you are starting to work on your video.

Oh, and if you search you might just type “VIDEO TITLE” without the tags or anything. This way you should get all results, even from archived posts from old forum.

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Two forum posts are good to know about beside what Husky wrote about searching. They contain work in progress that might not appear in ordinary forum searches since there are no release posts yet.

Realsync has a page where they list work in progress, both VR and 2D.

SLR is all about VR so maybe not of interest for you, but they also have a work in progress list.

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Thanks, I think I will start the next days and hope that this works out well enough^^
Might start simply by process of elimination looking what hentai is already mentioned and might decide on this.
Since you both gave part of the solution I want to add that you were both helpful, so thanks :slight_smile:

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On a side note.

If you enjoy using your Handy or other devices, I strongly recommend learning to script. Personal I enjoy my own scripts more than ones made by the community. It’s not a matter who’s script is better, but what suits your taste. Everybody has their own idea of what is good when it comes to food, music, and entertainment. Sex is no different, What you like will always differ from what somebody else likes. Learning to script will give the ability to make scripts you know you will enjoy. Plus when that one video comes along and your all F Yeah! You can get a script going asap. :+1:

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Yeah, that was the initial spark because I thought that a video I really liked wasn´t scripted yet. But it´s mostly about not just consuming stuff in a community that lives from people contributing; this is just something that pretty much is against my understanding of fairness^^
And I currently have a keon and it struggles with a lot of scripts when it comes to speed. Will upgrade at some point since it was just a testballoon but this will be around christmas earlierst

If you haven’t looked in the software category, do that. There are great software there that can adjust scripts so that your Keon might keep up. If it’s too frequent direction changes that causes your Keon to struggle then you are probably out of luck though.

Start looking at the FunExpander app and the website.

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Yeah, it´s more about directionchanges. While it´s not an issue in most of the scripts you can feel that depending on the script the device starts to “swallow” movements. This is mostly observable on fast hmv´s/pmv´s or faphero/cockherovideos where due to a beatbar it´s the most obvious.
But I´ve already read that when it comes to the mainstreamdevices that are still sold right now the keon is the most speedlimited, so…have to live with it for now I think^^
Will still look into it and find out if it might change something, thanks

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