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EroScripts - a website for playing, modifying and generating funscripts!

:milky_way: is Live!

:brain: Concept is kind of meant to be a one-stop-shop for a variety of funscript-related tasks. It features an easy-to-use, fully-featured script player, funscript tweaking and modification tools, as well as some interesting new ways to control your Handy!

I’ve been tinkering with and using the site for ages, adding new features every so-often, and I think it’s is at a point now where it might be useful for other people. I add new features all the time, so check back here every once-in-a-while to see what new stuff I’ve added!

:rainbow: Features

:stars: Planned Features:

  • Lots of bugfixes - the site is still pretty experimental, but very functional!
  • Proper smartphone support
  • More script modification functions - FunDoubler, Randomizer, Limiter
  • Funscript metadata editor
  • Additional, more complex procedural funscript generation methods
  • Audiovisual content to go along with generated funscripts
  • Potentially tighter integration with ScriptAxis

:alembic: Potential Features:

  • An integrated funscript editor, to make specific tweaks to a script (or perhaps create an entirely new script!)
  • A multi-control interface for creating and running rooms
  • Combine the whole site with ScriptAxis, to make one glorious mega-site?!

This project is open-sourced on GitHub!


This is GREAT! Amazing start! Thanks for your effort on this.

Suggestion: Can you please make the space key start/stop the player and use the arrow keys to advance or rewind the video by X seconds (10?) instead of using the arrows for script offset. Setting script offset happens infrequently (like just at the start of the video?) but I frequently want to rewind or skip portions of the video and using the arrow keys is much easier than using the mouse when one is “in the moment”.



Dude this is SICK.

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So I’ve been pretty slow at it but I’ve been working on an android app. I see the mobile resolution isn’t implemented, is there plans for that? I could add a wrapper for this in my app.

Oh yeah I definitely need to add the space bar to play/pause thing that was annoying me the other day. And yeah, arrow keys to skip seems like a good idea. Perhaps I’ll make the up/down arrow keys change the sync…

Yeah definitely. I only use it on desktop and by the time I realized that I might want to make it usable for other people, I’d build the whole style around CSS grid assuming a widescreen layout. I’ll probably redo the style in Tailwind at some point and make it properly fluid. :stuck_out_tongue:

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So at the moment it’s not useable on Android?

allow me to say this - THANK YOU for this! So impressed by this I got lost for words. I know there are a few software devs on this platform (Thanks You), but I am gonna hand it to you and @Lucifie for making my life a little bit more fun :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :+1:

I am most likely gonna be using the manual mode, quick question- what are the speed increments when you hit the arrow buttons. A great feature with HandyControl is that I am able to set the speed and stroke step values to whatever value I like (usually very low numbers). Will that be possible on your site?

Edit: Had to dry test it right away. The Stroke step increase/decrease seems to be 10%. Bookmarking this to watch its progress! Great work!

Looks good. Now all other tools are obsolete :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

A website, a player, a script editor… I hope you have enought time to work on all features since it sounds like more work than a single person can achieve.

A multi-control interface for creating and running rooms

Since the multicontrol feature is a separate API that won’t be released by SweetTech this will probably not work.

Would there be any way to integrate other devices like Kiiro or the launch?

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I’m guessing that integrating other devices would be possible but significant dev work. has a Javascript library that supports driving toys over Bluetooth (tested with Handy FW 3 beta, but I think they have support for Kiiro and the Launch.)

So the funscript would need to be translated into a series of LinearCmds and sent to the device via the Javascript library (examples at buttplug-playground)

The Handy API seems much easier to use for video sync.

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This site is really awesome. Thank you for making it public.

Agree. Looks way better. I like it when a site makes use of bigger monitors. Video player is also better. HandyFeeling’s player is too small.

Very handy and neat feature to have.
I also like this a lot:

Indeed very easy to use. Looking forward to use “coming soon” features. Especially the randomizer.

Looks really cool! Will definitely try it.

Yes, please!

I will use your site to play some scripts and give you feedback, if I find anything.

What I like about ScriptPlayer the most, is the playlist feature combined with the chapter mode. Is there any chance something like this could be added to as well?

Thanks again for your effort and making the site public to us :slightly_smiling_face:

So it’s not impossible but sounds like something we might see later down along the road. I kinda wished the video and funscript could be edited without the need to connect the device. Maybe another thing that could be added down long the road. Besides that this looks very promising.

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I know you joke, but obsolete? never! HandyControl is very VR friendly. I am sure we will see some natural progression with as more features are added, but HandyControl isnt going anywhere soon. It has it niche carved :grinning: The synergy here with Defucilis work is super awesome to have tho.

Thanks for the feedback everyone! :slight_smile:

It is, but you’ll need to do the whole ‘request desktop site’ - the layouts I made don’t work with narrow screens. Technically, if your browser window is 900px wide or more, it’ll work.

That’s a great idea, I’ll add that with the next update since that’s super easy to do!

It’s kind of like…I add bits and pieces every so often. Most of the individual features are quite simple to do so over time it can grow to be something great. Kind of like HandyControl!

As for the multicontrol - they haven’t released API docs, but the multicontrol websites have the sourceeasily readable (I’m assuming that’s intentional) so it should be very easy to reverse-engineer!

But I definitely don’t expect this to make HandyControl obsolete any time soon. I kind of think about it as “HandyControl Lite” for the web, with a more limited feature set for most things, and a few things that are harder for HandyControl to do, like an integrated video player.

May…be? I’d definitely like to be able to support other devices, but I’d have to actually have one to test with, and I’m not really keen to spend hundreds of dollars on a device just for testing. For now, I’m mostly thinking of it as tools to modify funscripts that anyone can use, and an integrated player / controller for the Handy.

Oh yeah a playlist feature would be relatively easy to do, and quite fun. I haven’t tried the feature with ScriptPlayer, but it could even combine the funscripts into one ‘mega’ script so that there’s no delay in switching videos back and forth. Dunno if ScriptPlayer does that.

You can modify funscripts without a device connected, but yeah there’s no integrated funscript/video editing tool yet. I do kind of want to add one, but it would definitely be quite a lot of work so that’s down the line.


+1 for playlists
+1 for chapter mode

I love the way ScriptPlayer fades out and then fades in when going from one video to the next, but mostly I would like for the scripts themselves to transition like that. It may just not be possible with the way the Handy downloads scripts. A perfectly seamless transition with no delay would be awesome though.

Would you be able to add jitter to the manual and auto modes? And is there any solution for using the full dynamic range on random without the Handy inevitably going to a 2% stroke with 100% speed?

I like it very much. Finally a tool that can be used to modify scripts across all platforms, not windows-only.

Btw you have a typo in the name of the website in your FunHalver thread.

Is there any particular reason for overwriting the metadata in the original script (creator, license, etc.) when saving it after applying an offset to the script? Other tags like bookmarks remains unchanged.

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Been playing with the cycler - damn, I love this thing!

Feature request:
Would you consider adding a ‘Min Stroke Length’ and ‘Max Stroke Length’ sliders to the Cycler?

Also, would you consider adding and ‘Export Funscript’ feature on the Cycler so that I can be used in VR, using HandyControl for example? Thank YOU.

Maybe I misunderstand. What do you mean by the ‘full dynamic range’? I smell a potential new feature!

Oops, thanks for the heads-up, fixed it! :slight_smile:

Oh shit that’s definitely not good - just a bug. I’m going to fix that right now! D:

Yes, I actually have a design already in mind to do this. The cycler is designed to be procedural so that you can change the paramaters mid-session, which limits me to what the API provides (so no stroke minimum)

But I do have a plan to make a ‘funscript-generation’ version, which would allow for more complex patterns, more accurate timing changes, stroke length minimum, heatmap preview AND funscript saving. That’ll be coming reasonably soon :slight_smile:


:heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: