Large funscript machine timeout

Apologies as I’m sure this has been addressed elsewhere, I’m just unable to find anything searching at this point. Does anyone have a way to play a larger funscript (over 1.5 mb)? My Handy will error with a machine timeout if I try uploading it. I’ve tried some suggestions from a few years ago (like converting to .csv with handyfeeling). I still don’t feel like I’m getting anywhere. Anyone have any guidance? Thanks.

Try using scriptplayer. The script may still sometimes timeout, however just keep reconnecting and open the script. The device will eventually get it. It seems Handy servers dont like to many big scripts.

from past discussions anyhting over 500kb makes the handy freak out. The best solution is to cut the video and script in question into smaller bits. OFS is able to do that. just the video into segments with bookmarks and then just hit export clips and boom!

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Try this and see if it relieves the issue:

If no and the script is simply too large, you can try using bluetooth mode + intiface. But usually scripts are large because there are excessive points, in which case it won’t feel right via Bluetooth. You may want to open up the script in OFS and reduce the number of points. You can do this by using the simplify function, or selecting all mid points and delete them.

There are cases where 1.5mb was functional, but it realy takes the loading times to the limit (i had to set the timeout limit to 60s, even though the loading time itself was close to 30-35s). And for too many people it doesnt work even with that setting.

I have several scripts exceeding 500kb, and some even exceeding 700kb, these all do work fine for me. But it can easily take 10+s before they are loaded. I suspect that the network they are connected to could be a limit here.

Most scripts however dont exceed 200kb for a 20min video already, so 1.5mb either has excessive points (vibrations), or was never optimized. And for vibration scripts i have to be harsh: its not what the original intention usualy was, its nice that it works, but thats also where support should end.

it’s a 1 hour 40 minute video, it’s not excessive vibrations.

Length wise that is a quite significant video though and does explain the funscript size a bit. But even then, it should still be a value below 1mb if there are no vibrations. Each hours of video often still ends up below 500kb (even for CH videos which often have a quite high point density due to involving constant action).

I suspect that in this case the funscript also contains a backup inside its json doubling the size (an old bug of ofs caused this). If we would have the size, then the filesize matches the video length in expectation a lot more.

Also, if there is a thread on this site with video/script, linking to that would help a lot

Some scripts contains “raw data” as well as ordinary data. Scripts created with JFS contains this afaik. Earlier this was a common reason why scripts couldn’t be uploaded to TheHandy servers since the script exceeded the maximum size. The raw data basically doubles the size of the script.

Since OFS has a project file where raw data can be stored the raw data shouldn’t end up in the exported funscript unless there is a bug. I don’t see any raw data in my scripts created with OFS. However, scripts created with JFS usually contains raw data in the funscript since JFS hasn’t a project file like OFS and the funscript act as a project file.

Opening the script in Scriptplayer and then use Script > Save As you can get rid of the raw data and thus shrinking the script significally without affecting it from the device point of view.

You can search for rawActions in the funscript file using a text editor. If there is then you have this extra data in the script that you can get rid of.

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