Last Night for Black Friday Sale OSR2/SR6/New Build Kits

Here are the current sales. They are combinable. One time use only.

HOLIDAYSALE (5% OFF Ends End of Year)
15%BLKFRD (15% OFF Ends 11/29 11:59PM EST)

Orders placed starting Nov 1 2021 will now include 6ft USB cable, desk mount, and appropriate power supply.

I am now including all parts needed to assemble the kits EXCEPT: SERVOS, ESP32/ROMEO, PUMP, HEATING PADS/THERMAL SWITCH.
Before I was only including plastics. Now, all hardware + wires, switch, plug, grommets, couplings, zip ties, wire connectors, wire management etc. are all included.

Let me know if there are any questions.

Here is my original post Summer Sale 10% off OSR2(+) and SR6 [Sex Robots] For Sale

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Is there a post with a list of available multi axis scripts?

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You can use the tag system the Website has set up. The Multi-Axis tag has em all there. XT player (the program I use for my OSR2+) also has a randomize function for single (up and down axis) axis scripts.

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This is correct.

I am currently showing 51 total

im considering it…

I added the OSR2 prebuilt, the flight adapter, and drying rack to the cart. I can only get one code to apply at a time-either the BF code or the drying rack, and the flight code doesnt seem to work at all. Is this intended?

No, I have seen people apply both. Worst case scenario I am throwing them in all orders from now until the end of the year just to be safe. So you will get it with your order.

Try removing the items from the cart and just have the osr2 in the cart. Then apply the coupons. Let me know if that helps.

got it, okay.

here are some pictures of my experience using the checkout.




adding the flight and drying rack coupons with just the OSR2 entered also gives me a ‘discount couldnt be applied to your account’ message.

…also to double check, the holiday sale code and BF coupon code arent intended to be stacked for 15% off right?

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I am not able to combine them?

I did intend for them to be use together.

If they are not combining I will make a temporary code for 15%.

Please let me know.

They can’t be combined. Only one code can be used.

Is there a new code?

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Here you go Guys!


whats the difference ? KIT - PLASTICS - OSR2+ All the Way £153 and OSR2+ All The Way £419

The difference between the build kits and the completed builds are that the Kits need assembly. You can purchase the electrical components like the motors and micro controller and assemble it the rest of the way yourself to save some money.

15% sale extended through end of Monday.

does the power supply, desk mount etc come with the DIY kit?

desk mount yes, power supply no

Can this be used with the handy sleeve?