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OSR2(+) [Sex Robot] For Sale

My shops website is up. Selling and shipping in US to the US CA and EU.

If you ever wanted a device where you can feel the girl grind or pound down on you this is the best on the market right now. This device has a stroke length that is unrivaled at fast and slow paces. Compatible with the FL case with 3D printed adapters for open and closed ended ona holes. Many options including warming lubing and suction.

I am offering my services printing, programming, and assembling the OSR2/OSR2+ and soon the SR6. These devices I find to be more capable than the other options currently available on the market. I have been using my OSR2+ for about a year now. It works with 2D, VR, and VaM; not to mention the many upgrade options available.

The device is open sourced and designed by Tempest MAx There is a great community available on Discord if you support the Patreon. This makes it possible for any vendor to sell with Credit given where it is due. This also means for you that the design will be improved upon over time and is simple enough to repair and upgrade instead of needing to order a whole new unit should the worst happen. I have had some sad experiences with the Launch myself. I have since printed the ~200 OSR2+ for myself and other satisfied fappers.

Know that you will be helping to support me and my own and we appreciate that. :heartpulse:

Happy Fapping!

OSR2: 2 Axis Storker
OSR2+: Extra servo adding an addition axis. Forward and Backwards.
Custom colors available upon request for an extra 5 dollars give or take depending on material.
3D Printed Mount $25

Upgrades Available
$90 Modular heated case, info here.
$60 T-Wist By far one of the best upgrades. Twists the receiver with the action. <3
$50 i-Lube. Auto lubes your sleeve by pushing a button.
$20 T-Valve, info here.
$60 The T-wist. Original design is available to anyone of course the newest rendition is a better build.
New base free upgrade if you are a TempestVR patron.
$15 Case Fan The new base has an optional fan lid. Definitely recommended for use with the upgraded servos or even if you go for long sessions.
If you see a model or upgrade not listed here that you are interested in DM me

Upgraded servos. Faster, smoother, quieter than the recommended low end servo. One thing I would like to mention here. I have been thinking about taking the upgraded servos off of my post for a couple reasons. High cost, you get access to the manufacturer warranty if you purchase and upgrade (easy to do) and to save you money. The extra vanilla servos on hand are good incase there is some sort of issue with one of the upgraded servos. Cost depends on the servo/

Depending on the type of content you watch you could save some money. The slower the action the less the noise. If you like the fast stuff like me you will either want a good pair of headphones or Get something like these. They are almost 60 dollars A PIECE. Too much for most. Warranty with the Manufacturer is another reason I already mentioned. Lastly I have to put a markup on anything I touch and you might be satisfied with the Vanilla servos and save even more money that way.

I am not here to push sales I am here to supply what people want and make sure they are happy with that.

More power requires custom power bus, see below.

Power bus has been added in with a voltage converter in the base so if people want to upgrade later they can.

Custom power bus. Provides on/off switch, more durable. Recommended upgrade if you are a regular fapper/edger.

Parts that are 3 months or younger Tempest has requested only be made available to his patrons. Link above.

You can DM me for more info, as well as the options you would prefer. Include you PayPal email address. Once we have discussed pricing I will send an Invoice through Paypal.

All orders include:
Programmed, assembled, and ready to use OSR2 or 2+.
Shipping as chosen at checkout. A verified address on PAYPAL is required. If there is an issue with your PayPal payment, for example; shipping address is not confirmed with PayPal a refund minus the PayPal fee will be processed as PayPal collects a fee now even when refunds are processed.

Items that must be purchased to finish set up and begin use include:
Power supply (~25) - Here is the one I have.
Micro USB cable that transfers data not just power - cost will vary depending on the length you need. 6ft cord available on my website.
Fleshlight or other sleeve(Obviously, lol) (~$70) I also sell adapters for other sleeves.
VESA Mount (Available on Amazon) or 3D printed mount(available on my site) ($25-$35)
Optional: Isolator Mounts. To reduce vibrations transferred to your mount and in turn your desk(varies servo to servo). M4 threads are the option you will need.

JoyFunPlayer (JFP). JoyFunPlayer 3.1.2 - OSR (TCode) Player
XTPlayer-See Tempest Discord
MultiFunPlayer-See Tempest Discord
Arduino IDE (Helpful incase you need to update the T-Code on the Romeo(Main Board)
You will need this to use funscript files in either 2D or VR, which also needs Whirligig (free or $5 on Steam)
There are multiple options to get VR working DeoVR Whirligig etc. Where there is a will, there is a way.
Also, I had to install the drivers for “CP2102 USB to UART Bridge”, Windows was not able to install them automatically.

I downloaded the driver from here: CP210x USB to UART Bridge VCP Drivers - Silicon Labs

(Because I have Windows 10, I selected “CP210x Universal Windows Driver”; for older Windows versions it’d be “CP210x Windows Drivers”)
There are more software options always in development.

Here are some images that @Realcumber suggested I share. Thank you @Realcumber for all the time and effort on your part, you have inspired many to start making content. We appreciate you and all other contributors.


I used to run an etsy shop and the recommendation I have for you is you need to have product ready to sell instead of taking orders. Yes I know there are variables but you need the basics built with not much effort to tailor it for an order. Getting behind on orders can happen easily if you don’t have stuff already made so to make things easier, post what you have ready to ship.

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Thanks for the feedback.

Parts are shipping and I plan on having 3 ready to go at all times.

I have one pre assembled just as a FYI!

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With something like the OSR having ready stock of assembled units is not really possible. Doing so would be a huge financial risk for an individual. The OSR is highly modular, and each client is liable to want a different version, customized to their liking. The parts alone for the most basic version can cost at least $100 and can easily go well over $300 for an upgraded version. This is a product that works best a la carte.

Agreed, aside from maybe a basic unit, per order is the way to go. So many options and still evolving.

Thanks Mosaicmusician for the OSR2.

Coming from a Launch to this has been amazing and I’m grateful for the builders out there since I didn’t want to invest in a 3D printer.

From the first message it took about 11 days total with all my questions being answered and the post office screwing up the delivery. I’m overall happy.

Little imgur gallery of couple pictures I took of it for people thinking about it. OSR2 Pics from Mosaicmusician - Album on Imgur

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Glad this is working out for you, don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions via DM. Have a great day and thanks for the review.

Good looking post with gifs @M0SAIC :wink: Appreciate the kind words!

I always recommend leaving your Discord handle for new users to be able to contact you better in case they cant DM like @aeiouwai , just something to consider

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Updated the post with the recommended additional contact information.

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Hi Everyone,

I heard about, and ordered, a launch a couple months ago; while waiting for it be arrive, I started hunting for some content. As an old school scripter for the RealTouch, I started at that sight (I was kingdogbert there but I couldn’t resurrect that account and had to create a new one, being a momo, I even screwed up my new username and am now JustDobert there :frowning_face:) which eventually led me here. I snagged a couple scripts and made some test scripts for my launch…

After I got the launch, I was a little disappointed by the stroke length - not tryin’ to brag but a 3.5" stroke length ain’t impressive. :roll_eyes: and although it’s top speed is limited, (it’s adequate :neutral_face:) it’s slowest speed is too high (i.e. it quickly loses sync with slower vid’s). So after some poking around, I see there is a hobbyist item, the OSR2 (OSR2+) available. I become a Paetron and joined discord (which I still only use for this) and come to find out that you have to 3D print this thing :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Anyway, not wanting to tackle yet another project (3D printing) I stumbled along @M0SAIC (and a few others) postings for printing / assembly services. Not really knowing anyone in particular here I engaged @M0SAIC services for an OSR2+…

@M0SAIC quickly communicated my build options, made suggestions, and invoiced me (via PayPal) for the final build. Just FYI to people unfamiliar with PayPal invoices, they do include buyer protection (I think it’s 6 months) so don’t feel like it’s a big risk engaging strangers on the internet to provide services (I do it all the time). @M0SAIC communicated where he was at in the build and when the product shipped. I received the product last night and everything worked perfectly. Great transaction, good job @M0SAIC.

A little product info for those who only have a launch:
These things move faster (don’t know exactly how much, haven’t really tested that yet), are capable of moving slower (the launch min move speed in my testing was ~100mm/s), I haven’t tested the lower bound on this yet but it kept very good movement sync with some very slow movements (33mm/s) and can move MUCH greater distances. I don’t know what the MAX stroke length is but it covers my junk so I don’t care :laughing:. From a technology standpoint, they are the same level of difficulty of getting your launch working (so don’t fear setup).

Now here are some pointers I can provide to anyone thinking about purchasing one:

  • Most of the scripts I found are for and OSR2 (i.e. they don’t have the instructions for the extra servos) so if you can just get an OSR2 build and still be way better off).

  • I would recommend the better power bus (so you can get better servos, now or later)

  • The correct voltage selection on the variable power supply is 6V

  • Do not use Arduino IDE from the Windows Store (it doesn’t have the USB driver), use the one directly from Arduino. FYI - You only have to install it (it doesn’t have to run at the same time or anything).

  • For the VESA mount - it’s a 100mm x 100mm mount

That’s all I can think of, just buy one already, the launch is junk (I also have a lightly used Trembler if anyone is interested :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:).


Wow, Thank you. I am glad you are satisfied!

Is there anyone in Canada providing/building these? My launch just decided to commit suicide, so would like to replace it with something better, and not just the same thing again.

With the ability to take advantage of the multiple axis’ scripted (twist, pitch, roll, up/down, and soon suction). I am definitely going to be adding the twist to my build as soon as I get a break in the orders.

Thank you to all of the different groups of the community (scripters @Hydra , coders @gagax123
@Khrull , builders and of course @Tempest) who are making this possible.

Any one who wasn’t mentioned isn’t being left out on purpose. I am still learning names and maybe some peoples usernames might not be the same here as on Discord etc.

Bottom line thank you all!

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Sounds like a great offer :+1:

We plan to support it by Interactive VR Porn with Sex Toys - TheHandy, Fleshlight Launch VR, Kiiroo Keon, Onyx+

Would be great if someone from OSR team could reach out to me


is anyone even scripting with all these extra axises? if so, where are said scripts? when does the suction model come out? How does this even mount up? does this have to be used on the bed? How much is a top of the line model gonna run me with powerful/quiet servos and suction and such? launch is too slow weak and loud for my tastes.

Im excited, but not sure if I should wait til people start using / scripting this.

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I have had my OSR2 since April, and it is great! You can find multi-axis stuff on the discord server (if you are interested you should join tempestvrs patreon so you have access to the discord…this will answer every question you have and more).

Mounting is limited by your creativity, but most people use a variant of a VESA mount to their desk/sidetable/etc.

The OSR2 is great for tinkerers or those who might wonder what more you can get out of your toy. It usually takes a bit more effort to set up, but the experience is unmatched by anything else on the market.

Definitely check out the discord…$2

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is there anyone in EU providing/building these?

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My Launch died a while back and I talked to mosaicmusician here and ended up getting an OSR2+. All I can say is wow. Mosaicmusician helped me figure out what to get and was able to build and send it to me. This unit is amazing and the multi axis scripts are outstanding on it.

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Glad you’ve had good luck. I’ve bought two different OSRs from two different guys off of the tempest discord and both were pieces of junk.

The first one lasted five uses, then a piece broke. The guy was nice enough to replace the piece but the replacement broke a week later.

Six months or so later, I decided to throw good money after bad and had another guy off of the tempest discord make the OSR 2 with the new stronger base. That one arrived with a dead Arduino chip. After a week of screwing around with it, I sent it back to the guy who made it. He replaced the chip and sent it back. It fell apart (literally, screws all over my floor) during the first usage.

If you are a 3D printing enthusiast and can make and assemble your own parts then I would recommend this. (When they work, they’re great.) But if not, this is not a mature commercial product by any stretch of the imagination and there is a good chance you will be wasting your time and money.


I just want to make sure it is known that @steve-0 and I have never done business. And while I appreciate the feedback on the OSR, if we can keep User experiences limited to reviews of my builds specifically for the purpose of this thread, that would be great. I can not and should not be held accountable or suffer as a result of other vendors inability to quality check and fasten their builds with the proper nuts and washers. If this feedback has already been provided to the designer and builders at the discord then from personal experience Tempest has taken it to heart (I cannot speak for the builders). I am truly sorry for your experience.

Thank you.