Launch is starting to struggle with slow strokes

My launch is starting struggle with slow long strokes, it goes point to point (0-100) faster than script and stops and continue when point (100) passes.
Fast strokes goes just fine.
I have tested launch on pc and android device and same thing happens on both.
My other launch works just fine with same scripts so i thinks it’s not software related.

Could it be a worn motor or something?

Is there any launch community where i ask for ideas?

Does this happen only with scripts? Or does it seem off when you’re using manual mode as well? If it happens in manual mode then it’s probably something mechanical. If it’s only scripts then it’s probably the bluetooth.

My launch’s bluetooth died about 6 months after purchase. It seems to be a common problem. It was still under warranty so I took the refund and bought The Handy. I’ve had The Handy for over 2 years and it still works fine.

I have seen a guide somewhere on how to disassemble and grease the rods inside. I do not recall where I saw it though.

The Handy or the OSR2 would be a solid investment.

The OSR2 can be easily repaired with very affordable parts. It brings much to the table by being able to move in more than one direction, it can twist, add suction and heating. Another nice thing is you can start small and work you way into the other features over time.

I would be happy to answer any questions you might have if you are interested.

I too have gone trough my share of launches before I discovered the OSR2.

Definitely consider the OSR2 if you have to pay to replace your device. If you like the challenge of building your own; the price for a roll of filament, two servo motors and a decent 3d printer is about the same price as a new launch.

Solved, it was custom firmware issue.
Thanks for the replies but for my needs the launch is still the best. It has no wires, no need to tinker brackets to hold it and with custom firmware it’s fast as the handy. I don’t need faster device than that.

I bought the handy but it was waste of money, because it’s so weird to hold and tricky to mount fleshlight to it and that wire is always on you way.

I got 3 Launches for the price of one from Kiiroo and i think that i use them until smoke comes out of them or bluetooth chip brick itself. :grinning:

I got 3d printer and roll of filament. Some point i will make OSR2 just for the fun.

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What is the custom firmware for the Launch?

@cfs6t08p has made pretty impressive firmware for the launch

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