Launch min command delay

what are you guys setting yours to? any other settings I should adjust in script player?

Here’s some tips that I’ve gathered specifically for the Launch that I use to send out to guys and should help if you are lucky enough to still have yours working:

“Scriptplayer optimal settings”

*Always try to maintain a good unobstructed bluetooth connection, and be as close to your bluetooth device/dongle on your PC for best smoothest playback response!

*Always try to use “Connect Launch directly” option in Devices tab of scriptplayer (no need for buttplug, best if just using on pc)

*Hit ‘Reset’ bottom left corner in scriptplayer settings menu to return to default settings at any time"

Hover to right side of Scriptplayer video box to check and adjust to these optimal settings:

Script delay [IMPORTANT!] = 0 ms
(This value can be different for everyone depending on your bluetooth connection and monitor input lag and even sync creator)
You can try using negative values (like -25ms) if you feel that the Player needs to make strokes start earlier to match up to the action on screen, or use positive values (like +25ms) if you want strokes to start later
I personally use +25ms or +50ms for VR, and +75ms to +100ms for 2D syncs on my PC monitor/TV as those usually have a bit more video input playback lag
If you don’t notice a difference, great! just leave it at 0 :slight_smile:

Range 5 - 95
Choose F = (full range)
Filter range 50% (not applicable)
Speed 0 - 99
Speed multiplier 1.0x or 0.9x (go even lower values if you want to try to last longer and to make the script ‘softer or less intense’)

Min Command delay = 166ms (this ssetting replaces fast parts too fast to handle for the launch, with constant full strokes during those parts)
-During Fast parts - A higher number makes things play smoother but sacrifices accuracy in timed strokes, 166ms is a good balance
-During Fast parts - A lower number makes things possibly less smoother (can introduce stutter) but offers more accurately timed strokes, recommended not to go any lower than 135ms

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