Launch stuttering with the SLR app

Hi fine people,

I am having a problem and I’m hoping the internet brain trust can help.

I have an Oculus Go and use the Deo VR app to play videos. I use the SLR app on my phone to sync with my Launch and this has been working fine for about a year. In the last month or so the Launch has started stuttering when using the SLR app.

The launch works fine when using Scriptplayer to link to the Launch.

The app works fine when linking to the handy.

Any idea’s greatly appreciated.

hey @quiffed1 - if its stuttering on first connect try this tip from forum guide here → Interactive Sex Toy Scripts Complete Help Guide (Kiiroo,Vorze,Handy,Lovense)) - SLR community forum for the best VR porn videos

  • “(If you notice any choppy playback, you may need to turn off and on your launch and reconnect your launch in the SLR Interactive app just a 2nd time)”

Hopefully that helps?

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