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Launch upgrade options: What's the currently best?

Hi all,

I originally invested in a Launch, but it’s starting to show its limitations on scripts and I’m looking to upgrade.

As I understand it, the options are:

  • Handy
  • Get the plans for the OSR2+, buy a 3d printer and make the parts and assemble myself (I’ve a soldering set and the project interests me as something to do hobby wise)
  • Get the plans for the OSR2+, order the parts from an online printer and assemble myself
  • Order the OSR2+ already made
  • Wait for the plans for the SR6 beta, and then same as the three above

What would be the best economical option? And what would be the best option performance wise? I’m also open to other options.

Thanks in advance all


@Zestle so there are a few things situational-wise that may help you with your decision.

Do you intend to use your device discreetly?
How invested are you in your fleshlight collection?
Do you intend to store your device somewhere out of sight?

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@BRomes Very good points. I’ve 3 or so fleshlights so would prefer to use them instead of investing in something else if possible. I live alone and my other half and I enjoy toys together, so discretion and storage are not much of an issue. I’ve built mounts for other things for my desk so may be able to use the same system.

With a small collection of Fleshlights of my own, the Keon is not perfect, but it checks off most of the boxes for me. I’d say it’s worth a look. I have the Handy too. I like it enough – it’s definitely the least expensive option, also smaller, lighter, marginally quieter and easier to maintain than the Keon, but I much prefer the Fleshlight sleeves to the Handy one. I have been thinking about an OSR2+ as well, but the scale of the setup makes it tough for me to seriously consider. My two cents.

How does the Keon compare to the Launch?

Is the Keon quieter than the Launch? Is it more sturdy? Easier to use?

I’ve just written a little review of the Keon, only tried using it once so far but had to give up.
Its not as good as the Launch in my opinion so I am very disappointed at the moment but will give it another try.

I may have to look at the OSR2

The Handy is hands down the best for VR porn because of Wifi.

Otherwise we support all these devices (updated all the time) including Fleshlight Launch, Kiiroo Keon, Onyx+, Vorze Cyclone A10 SA and Piston. ← all Bluetooth

Adding support for Lovense Max 2, Nora and Kiiroo Octopuss Pulse Solo Interactive (that’s a new one)

Did i miss something ? Handy is heads down because of WiFi ? LOL for Launch i needed WiFi AND Bluetooth AND an additional device running SLR interactive APP…so Handy is for me the easiest way, it only needs Handy and my Quest and it works, no additional device, no bluetooth no interactive app…why this is “heads down” ?

My bad, edited to “hands down” :ok_hand:

LOL i see :stuck_out_tongue:

Its the quietest of all stroker toys out there - very sturdy, very easy to pop in and use and very familiar if you used the launch before and enjoyed it

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