LEGAL Genres That Are Frowned Upon To Script?

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I am new here but there is so many helpful discussions here with a lot of tips/tricks and how to for everything.

I have been reading like crazy on scripting and I have already started tinkering with some short format videos.

Is there legal genres that are frowned upon or not allowed to script and post here? I plan on only scripting stuff for free and have mainly eyeing stuff on pornhub, xvideos, and spankbang.

Thank you so much everyone for all your helpful posts!!!


the only thing that comes instantly to my mind on this question are Deepfakes…

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As mentioned above, deepfakes are definitely a no-no here. Live action underage would be out, same as anywhere else. There are plenty of furry posts here but I am not sure if live action beasty would be ok or not. The only other thing I can think of is while loli and shota are allowed you do need to tag posts as such.

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He talked about legal stuff. Deepfakes are not even legal because the copyright of the video owner has been violated. In some countries or states deepfakes themselves are illegal. Underage stuff is also illegal in nearly every state in the world.

I don’t know any legal porn, that isn’t allowed to post here. Just don’t use torrent links to provide videos.

To your porn website choice. I think pornhub and xvideos are the only 100% legal source atm of those 3. I never saw a, by the publisher or actress, uploaded video on spankbank.

I am looking forward to your scripts!


I think if you stick to these 3 platforms you should be ok. If your concern is that a script won’t be received well based on the genre then I wouldn’t worry as the community is pretty open to anything that is legal albeit there are some biases (which is natural we have our own preferences).

I wouldn’t be concerned about the genre even if it is a genre that historically has not gotten a lot of views or :heart:. Just script videos you like as it can be a long and tedious and you want to make sure you don’t burn out.

Personally, I like the variety of different genres and do feel that you might get a bigger welcome and expands the reach of community to people looking for something different.

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In general, if you link to a video on another video/file hosting website, we allow it because they’re responsible for any takedowns. No torrents because it’s not possible to take those down.

No deep fakes because those were not created with consent of the people being deepfaked.

For not-real things like animations and 3D, it’s fuzzier, but generally we allow posting things so long as you clearly tag them with any concerning topics, and as long as it’s not so realistic that it could reasonably be mistaken for the real thing.

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Wow thanks for all the help everyone.

Ive been working on 6 short format videos simultaneously. Jumping from video to video but will probably post some in the incomplete section for guidance on improving the script.

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I sure hope it’s not OK. Legality might vary but I’d hope that it would be a bridge too far for most people here regardless of that.

Most anything that’s legal is fine here, but PLEASE make sure to tag things properly and thoroughly so that people who choose not to see certain things can filter them out.

I understand Deepfakes aren’t allowed, but what about animations/SFM type stuff depicting legal aged celebrities? Example, there seem to be a decent number of Rule34Videos using digital models for the women from WWE like this one: Alexa Bliss 2 cocks in her ass (WWE)

I imagine that would be fair game, but I wanted to check to be sure. I’m looking to start learning to make scripts myself and potentially give back to the community here, and a lot of those are short enough that they seem like a good place to start practicing.

The concern over Deepfakes is that since it can be so realistic to the point of only very close scrutiny could detect it someone’s reputation could be damaged because most of the people who would see it would find it very difficult to detect the fake and this is if they even bother checking. No one, on the other hand, would ever mistake an animation for the real deal and should be alright.

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