Let's separate script requests into free and paid categories

Not sure how much really needs to be said on this. If you are willing to pay for the script you are requesting, make your script request in a paid script request category. If not, put it in a free script request category. I don’t think the site benefits in any way from the current lack of transparency between what some members are asking for and what others are offering.


My opinion is that I think that would be too convoluted.

How is choosing a category convoluted?

Not the tagging per say.

Here is the thing. You cannot stop a creator from creating a paid script based on the free script request, so then, we will have script for the scene, but he/she will not be able to post about it in the free script request because that would be against site rules… (posting paid content in free posts etc.)

Yeah, I think it would make it too convoluted.

If they created a paid script, then why are they trying to post in a request for a free script?

I think you might have missed my point.

There is a finite amount of scriptwriters. And even more finite amount that fills the requests.
And quite a few of them, script for money.

I forsee a future, where scripts will have two request, one free and one paid, and I will most likely put my votes on the paid version. Because nothing is stopping a scripter from fulfilling a paid request with a free version (more akin to how it works today), but free request will limited to only free scripts.

The short version, it would make it more convoluted, and remove incentive for some scriptwriters to actually fulfill the request.

I’m sorry, but I’m having a difficult time following the logic behind why we should conceal our intentions about whether we’re requesting a script for money or not.

How is it a problem if someone states up front that their request is for a free script? Likewise, how is it a problem if someone states up front that they are willing to pay for a script? This only makes everyone’s intentions clear from the very beginning.

Well, you are allow to suggest what you want.
And I have the right to disagree.

Ultimately, it is up to the admin team to decide.

Okay, well thank you for the discussion, and I appreciate you voicing your concerns.

A #commission tag and some in-topic clarification will solve the problem imo.


a fair option in my opinion, i myself only make paid scripts so it would help with transparency on the scripters ends too.

However my one issue with that would be that almost everyone would post into the free category i feel like as most people would rather have it for free i imagine.

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Nothing would stop you from making that script anyway, you would just not be able to post about it in the free request.

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thats true but then wouldn’t the free request board be a moo point? Since its well not free

That is sort of the point I tried to get across, but sort of failed to do.

If many of the free request are made as paid script, most likely nobody will touch them, due
to the unofficial Gentlemen agreement many follow, not to intentionally make duplicate scripts.

Hence I think those free script request would be left to rot.

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Commission is paying to have the script made. Not sure this is what this is about.

Rather if the final products is free or paid (Gumroad/Patreon/SLR/ other marketplace)

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Not sure what’s the issue we’re trying to tackle here.

I interpreted it as “the requester is willing to pay to have a scene scripted and published for free”. Therefore having some ways to signify that will help fulfilling their request (which can be done with a tag or a sub-category).

I see there’s situations where someone scripted the requested scene and published it as Paid Scripts. I don’t see how adding a new category prevents them from doing that.

If it was simply a tag for commissioning, I wouldn’t really mind as this is a less common thing.

I like how you put it … If its more of “I’m willing to cover the cost to get this made for the community” then I agree a tag atleast should be created for that scripters can see.

BUT this also opens up into not conveying what you are willing to pay and will end up having to reach out the the scripter anyways.

I guess what I’m getting to, I don’t see this as a self-service way for scripters to get paid for their skills as its more of a passive way of getting a commission vs just reaching out to a scripter of your choice and asking.

Good topic but not sure on the solution

But we already have a free script category and a paid script category. The result of a fulfilled script request is either a paid script or a free script. It would streamline the site to just have those requests begin life in their respective categories.

In this scenario nothing would stop anyone from posting their request in “free script requests” and then later posting in “paid script requests” when it didn’t get fulfilled. Some members are also fine with either a paid script or free script when they make their request. If that’s the case, then they could post in both categories. There are also plenty of members that are willing to cut to the chase and just say how much they’re willing to pay to get the script done. Those members might be happy to simply start their request in the “paid script requests” category. However, if someone doesn’t want a paid script then they just don’t want a paid script. Isn’t that information you would want to know?

Transparency benefits the scripter who only makes paid scripts too because they’ll know what the market is for their script. Wouldn’t you rather know right away how many people are ready and willing to buy your script rather than wondering if all those likes and comments will turn into dollarinos?

I’m not trying to be argumentative on this, but would you mind sharing this rule? I can’t find it, and we link to paid scripts all the time in the free scripts category (which of course doesn’t mean it’s not a rule).

It would be very silly to go through the “free script requests” category, take the time to write a script for someone who requested only a free script, show it to them, ask for payment, and then be surprised when they say they only wanted a free script. This would be an especially foolish thing to do when such the scripter has been provided an entire category of script requests made by members who have already established that they are willing to pay.