Let's use Sex Toy Scripts instead of Interactive

I think “Sex Toy Scripts” better represents the idea as “Interactive” videos are more of a branching story. Also we start calling all sex toys and everything that touches with a word “haptics”.

Changing SLR UI accordingly.


I also personally prefer haptics - I remember being initially confused about the term interactive. I suppose the video is ‘interacting’ with my dick :joy:
But yeah I associate the term ‘interactive’ with something like a choose your own adventure type video.


Update: It’s Sex toy scripts instead of Interactive.

Also everything that touches is haptics.

I don’t care however you name it as long as it’s discreet. Sex Toy Scripts doesn’t sit will with me. Interactive is confusing I agree. Hopefully major players can invest and innovate on interactivity and get some VAM elements in there. Haptics would be the winner and probably makes most sense