Linux, Keon, What do I Need?

I just can’t get my head around this.

I have a computer with linux and Bluetooth. I just bought the Keon.

What are my options? What do I need to enjoy the content from this site?

I’m not sure which tools would be best, but Intiface is a good first step. If you discover something that works for you please share!

I’m a Linux guy too, and in my experience, it’s not that simple. Yes you can use Intiface to connect your toy to your PC, however to play the scripts you need (something like) Fred Tungsten’s ScriptPlayer (google it) but that’s Windows-only. I have a Windows 11 VM set up to run under VirtualBox that I pass the bluetooth to, use Intiface on the VM to connect the toy, then run ScriptPlayer which then:
a) connects to Intiface so it sees the device
b) loads the video and matching funscript
c) plays the video and sends the movement info to Intiface, which then drives the toy.

If there’s another/better way to do it under Linux, sadly I don’t know what it is.


You should be able to run ScriptPlayer under wine… Just need to figure out the libraries it required.
Connect that to Intiface Central. Link to VLC for video playback. Cumbersome, but it works.

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Use a Windows VM. It works quite well

VLC and launchcontrol can play nicely together.

launchcontrol does have some mention of Kiiroo, but I doubt it supports Keon.

More native linux options would be nice.

I’m not a developer by any stretch of the imagination, but I’m looking to see if Script Player can be converted/recompiled from .NET to Mono. Something to dabble with in my spare time… although TBH I find Intiface a little unreliable under Linux, also.

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That will be a challenge since Scriptplayer use WPF which is Windows only (based on DirectX).

Given the contents of the license folder Scriptplayer depends on quite many 3rd party dll:s. There is a high probability that at least a few aren’t written to adhere to .NET Standard and thereby have a chance to exist in something that runs on Linux.

To port Scriptplayer to .NET 6 or 7 you need to replace the entire UI with a technology that works on multi platform. MAUI is multi platform and is also based on xaml just like WPF. That is probably the best conversion option. I have no idea how different WPF is from MAUI is though.

You can try the free website faptap.

I hadn’t started digging into it that much yet, so that’s good to know - probably abandon that idea.

I never got that to work for me - maybe something with my setup it didn’t like. Obviously the OP may have more luck.

I wonder if Heresphere could connect to a Keon when running through Proton. There is a free demo. This wouldn’t require Intiface.

Another angle:

User penti claims that some apps running through wine can connect to the linux Intiface.

Maybe this website.

Hey, thanks for the answers.

@LeGrosFromage Thanks, i will try that.

@mixmox82 Hm, that would be the most native way. Will try that too.

@brad1111 This would require Chrome or sth with Web-Bluetooth. No Option for me. Im using Brave. But thanks for the tipp.

Sure thing. DM me if you have any issues and/or want to talk through the set up.

Good luck!

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