Looking for a fleshlight launch

like the title says if you have one and willing to sell just tell me how much you want for it

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I know the launch is brand name, but I cannot express how much better the OSR2+ is. I used the launch for about a year and it started falling apart. I know they aren’t making them much anymore either.

The Launch was the best device when it came out (and it was!) However there are many other devices out there that have since come out that perform far, far better. I barely use the Launch since the Handy was released. The stroke length combined with the faster speed was enough to convince me. I must admit though, to get FL to work with the Handy, you will have to get creative!

you may as well get a Keon (basically launch 2.0) from what I have heard it is essentially an all around upgrade with the same basic functionality as the launch

I have one. $100 and its yours, you pay shipping and handling. email me @ ck_cj@hotmail.com