Looking for a kind soul

I’ve been using coinbase for the last couple of months to buy scripts from Realsync, but recently, my bank decided to block cryptocurrency purchases and I can’t buy any crypto anymore to buy scripts from RS. I couldn’t find a way to get around this problem and am wondering if anyone has access to this following scripts and would be willing to share it to me :

I am willing to share another script from RS in return or compensate with a small donation. If you have any solution for me to take care of the problem myself I am also willing to hear you since I would obviously prefer to show my appreciation to the scriptor himself.

EDIT : I removed the link and contacted the scripter. I agree with Sentinel saying it isn’t ok to request paid scripts and I want to encourage the scripters as much as I can. I was just a little desperate and thought I had no real other options.

UPDATE : I managed to contact the creator and the Realsync website manager and found out you can buy amazon gift cards and send them to the website in order to get a RS gift card. Works internationnaly and very well too. Thank you all and please encourage the creators as I am one too (even though I give them for free, it’s always a good thing to give credit to those who worked for it)

I’m sorry you are having problems with your bank, but it isn’t ok to request script sharing here for paid scripts. @bumdude decided to sell his scripts and not provide them for free. It might also be so that your request is against the ToS for this site since sharing others work without explicit permission isn’t allowed here. You should contact the scripter directly instead and see if there are other options for you.


That’s the best idea that I didn’t even think of! Thanks I’ll do exactly that!

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