Looking for a quality video source

hello everyone, i need help finding a better source for this video


I saw this video and thought it was great for scripting, but the quality is very poor. this girl’s nickname is young devotion

I don’t have another source, but since you are a scripter and a regular I took the time to do an upscale and an interpolation (25 → 50 fps). I’ll keep it on mega as long as I don’t need the space for other things. If you want it, use it.
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I found the original video from 2014 on my old HDD :smiley:
Do not be surprised, it is an old flv file. FLV from Adobe was the predecessor of h264. VLC should be able to play the file without problems. I also can convert it to mp4 if needed

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thanks for the original video. if you have something else with her you can send it to me, maybe I will also make a script for this.

@sentinel you’re a bit rushed, but thanks anyway for wanting to help. I’m using the original video, I hope it didn’t take you long to improve the quality.

the duration of the video is short, maybe today I will make a script

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No worries. Made another version using the original video: converted to mp4 + denoise/deblock + interpolated to 50 fps if you want it (i skipped upscaling to 4K though).



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