Looking for a video suggestion to script [Closed]

Hi! I kind of want to make a script for a gangbang scene as I haven’t done one yet (might be fun) and so I’m looking for suggestions.

Just to be clear by a gangbang I mean at least 3 guys. And no pissing please, I don’t find it attractive in any way.

One link per user, prefferably full scenes from original sources (pornhub and similar are fine too as long as the video is not cut).

Just drop a link (no photos, it’s easier to browse) and I will pick something in a few days.


I’m going to suggest this one, mostly for the meme recognition…


Here is one suggestions for you:

Missing one male but we have two females>>>>love this scene

Looking forward to the result :slight_smile:

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@anon63474100, @fokkieee
Maybe select just one of your links to avoid Husky’s wrath :wink:

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I can endorse the HOE DEPOT video from SLR. But this video is kinda female POV in some parts. But overall it’s a great scene. Please script some european videos. I think that it’s not fair for the studios which have great scenes, especially virtualrealporn.com !

9 replies and I only see 3 (maybe 4) correct comments for now. Fighting this behaviour is just not worth the hassle, if people can’t read my post I don’t have to read their either. At least people who spend 30 seconds to read and do what I ask them to do have better chances in succeding :wink:

Btw: I will probably do 2d scene for those wondering. Have been a while since I did something longer in 2d anyway.


you’re right I didn’t intend to cause any issues @sentinel I just remember coming across a post where the user didn’t get much feedback from the community and was deterred from doing something like this again. I posted those videos with the intention to expose them to folks who’ve never seen them before and not necessarily to be scripted.

Does a blowbang count?

Damn…Thought no one would notice…
In that case…PLZ Hoe depot

Studio Link (4K):

Stream (720p):

I came across this video yesterday and I think it would be amazing to see scripted -


I will go with the video suggested by @Dungeon_Master:

It’s relatively short so I might do one more scene, you can keep the suggestions coming. I see there is a lot of confusion so anything similar to Piper Perri or Angela White gangbangs is kind of content that I’m looking for. I’m a little sad that only those 2 comments are viable options :frowning_face: Counted for more interest in this one, maybe it’s just a niche genre.


Oldie but this is my all-time fav scene: Kacey auditions for a gang bang - XVIDEOS.COM

Would love to see it scripted

I hope I’m not too late! But I feel Nikita Bellucci is criminally underrepresented in scripts :slight_smile:


I second that big time ! Big fan of Kacey Cox too (thx for your scripts with her @kinetics by the way), and also a big fan of Kelsey Michaels, some (more) scripts with them would be amazing.

I do not want to disappoint you, but you have better chances making a script request, cause that’s not gonna happen, at least not in this thread anymore.