Looking for Estim advice. *updated* New Experiences

Been reading around about Estim. I originally found the Flick Duo estim devices and got a cart put together, then looked into stuff more and Flick isn’t thought too highly of from what I read, if it is mentioned at all. I’ve no experience with such devices myself, but from the looks of it, a device called the Coyote is a more popular one these days? I’ve also heard of this 2B device, but it’s $400, and apparently has some voltage synchronization issues that can cause numbing.

Coyote seems well received across the board for a good price, so it’s my current target, it’s just not the strongest device around, which is fine for new users, and even veterans apparently use it with various audio files, achieving HFO just fine.(Hands Free Orgasm, I assume)

A few questions I have:

  1. The Coyote seems to be rechargeable/plugged in right? I don’t want to get into burning through disposable batteries. Gotta at least be somewhat conscious of the environment if you ask me.

  2. I don’t use smart phones, so can the Coyote connect to my laptop like the OSR2 and other devices easily? Presumably it would use the Estim audio files found in some of the scripts around here.

  3. Accessories? The looped rubber bands seem common in videos of use, while the metal rings seem less common and I’ve heard they are uncomfortable. I’ve tried normal anal vibrators and plugs before with no real enjoyment to speak of- same with urethral play, though maybe both were just expecting too much quickly. Should I bother getting such accessories this time around or am I likely to be disappointed again? This is a different form of play, so idk what to expect in that regard.

  4. Programs to connect the Coyote/these devices to my laptop and use estim scripts? Do I need anyy specific cord order along side these devices?

I’ve read the warnings to keep such devices below the waste, and that is just fine with me, I’ve no interest in nipple play or shocking myself outside of how it is intended. Also make sure to turn the device off before moving electrodes, as you do not want a direct flow to you, without the other electrode to receive the signal- shocks aren’t nice. Is there anything else I should know/get/be looking into? Is the Coyote the right device in your opinion? I’ve no particular health issues to speak of, so it should be fairly straight-forward.


Start reading here: Joanne’s Reviews, Honest And Genuine Advice (sexmachinereviews.co.uk)

And here:
(1) Anything Erotic Electro Stimulation (reddit.com)


Yeah, I’ve been reading from the reddit mostly, though that review on the other site was new, and about what I expected. Is there anything you wanted me to know specifically about this stuff?

Just a heads up that while the Coyote is a pretty good toy, it does NOT connect to PC easily. it’s mostly designed to work with a smartphone via their app. There is no direct audio input, so you can’t just use an audio cable and connect it to an alternate audio output like scriptplayer supports.

Maybe someone else can chime in who has had more luck, but if you’re expecting to be able to connect to the coyote from your PC and play estim files that way, you might be disappointed.

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Dang that sucks. It’s really common to connect devices like this to computers and use local files. Idk why they would make it more smartphone specific. I tried setting up the DG Lab app on bluestacks, and it did install, but the app seems buggy. One would assume you could use such an emulator to connect to it via bluetooth and operate as they expected, but not so sure. Don’t have the device and I keep running into basic problems like it getting stuck “turning on bluetooth” and such when I already had that on. Would be great if anyone could chime in with experience in connecting it to PC.

I’ve heard you could use a website called Xtoys.app on Chrome and it can connect and be used though. If someone with a Coyote could confirm, that would be great! It does have the Coyote listed in the device section to choose from at the very least, so my Laptops built in Bluetooth should be able to connect to it like that just like Multifunplayer connects to the OSR2.

Also, if anyone has recommendations for a good price that are easy to use and connect to PC/Laptops, let me know, as I haven’t ordered anything yet. Don’t want to use disposable batteries so recharging is a must, and I worry a device I buy may not be strong enough? I’m decently sensitive but no experience with estim so idk how the experience translates. I’ve seen recommendations on other sites but many look very retro. What are you guys using?

i have he erostek et312 that is the best

To be able to use e-stim with video and video-sound you need 2 separate sound channels (1. Headphone or speakers and 2. e-stim sound) I use the following setup to achieve that:

1.A PC or Laptop (I use windows, not sure if all this works on other OS hardware)

  1. Scriptplayer (download here: Scriptplayer
    Scriptplayer can connect to various e-stim devices to generate sound from the funscript or a separate mp3 file converted from the funscript. All of this is in sync with the video and funscript you play.

  2. E-Stim mp3 box
    To use e-stim you need to generate a 2 channel electrical signals via a hardware device like the ET312B but you save a lot of money when you build a DIY device see: Midstim (Look for the 2020 parts list) Instructions and pictures are at that link also, it is fairly easy to build.

  3. Amplifier
    To have a usable e-stim signal, with a DIY device, you need to amplify it using a cheap amplifier like this one from Amazon: Pyle Bluetooth Mini Blue Series Home Audio Amplifier

  4. USB soundcard
    Redirect the e-stim sound to a separate audio device with a USB soundcard like this one: SABRENT USB External Stereo Sound Adapter Scriptplayer will ask you where to redirect the sound to, choose the USB soundcard

  5. TENS pads
    Next you need e-stim media to stick on you for example TENS unit pads (Only below the belt) There are other options but that is another story.

  6. Convert funscript to mp3
    To have more control over the mp3 output you can use this website to convert the funscript to a mp3: Convert Funscript to MP3

The complete setup can be described as follows:
Scriptplayer is used to show the video on the screen and it’s sound to the standard speakers or headphones. Connect the e-stim setup as a device in Scriptplayer and select the USB soundcard as the output device.
The USB sound card is connected to the Amplifier, the Amplifier is connectect to the DIY box that have the 4 (stereo) or 2 (mono) leads that are connected to the TENS pads, the TENS pads are on your skin.
The e-stim signal mostly is a stereo signal, there are 2 wires for each channel. (4 wires total)

NOTE: Only the DIY setup needs an amplifier!

With the above setup you can play MP3 files (without a video) using Scriptplayer as the software that redirects the sound to the MP3 device.
There are a lot of MP3 e-stim files here: MP3 e-stim files collection


Two things:

  1. Coyote dev is a terrible electrical engineer. Steer clear. You can find criticisms of the internal circuitry on Reddit. Even simple stuff like adding a resistor in the USB-C power circuit was completely overlooked. This is basic AF - the USB standard is one of the simplest in existence, and it has decades of thought and commoditization put into it. Why this guy decided to completely ignore the standard is beyond me. These devices can permanently injure or even kill you - do not ever have a cavalier attitude with them.
  2. Start small. I bought like $700 worth of EStim gear just to realize that it’s not really my thing – like at all. Handy, OSR, and Tremblr do it for me just fine.

2B is the way to go if you don’t wanna be found dead in your bathroom with porn playing on loop, lubed up with wires on/in your cock.

Coyote dev’s post history speaks for itself. V = I*R isn’t that hard. This guy is a clown show.


Thanks for the responses. From the sounds of it, getting into the MP3 side of Estim is going over my head and more than I care to get into. Thanks for the breakdown though- if I didn’t learn of this stuff now from the community, where would I ya know? Buy hundreds of dollars and be frustrated I can’t get into it.

That’s quite the rebuttal to the Coyote, considering how much praise I’ve read of it. Shame about that, though I had some reserves knowing it was coming out of China…like a lot of products. That said, saying the only Estim that isn’t going to kill you is 2B, which I’ve heard has higher voltage than most available, seems crazy to me. Never mind the $400+ price tag…

At this point, I’m downgrading expectations. No Laptop/phone connectivity, just a standalone device to try things out easily and recharges. Idk how strong they would have to be to achieve HFO, considering that probably varies significantly between people and positions of electrodes. I’ve seen video of an Estim unit called the Helix, but every model they make requires batteries and I don’t want that. Know any similar unit for ease of use, but recharges?

For reference to the Helix: E-Stim for Beginners :: A simple electroplay demonstration with the E-Stim Systems ElectroHelix - YouTube

Oh yeah, here’s another golden post from this clown.

I almost disappeared from reddit for a few months. To be honest, I didn’t enter the forum because last year we promised many users that we would launch new updates and align the IOS app with the android app.

But it took far more time than we expected, Which makes me so anxious that I was embarrassed to open the forum.

Are you fucking kidding me? You’re running a business. Being “so anxious that I was embarrassed to open the forum” is not professional in the slightest.

This type of verbiage is not becoming of the type of person I’d want electrocuting my most prized organs.

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That said, saying the only Estim that isn’t going to kill you is 2B, which I’ve heard has higher voltage than most available, seems crazy to me.

Technically any device can kill you. It only takes 30 mA to cause respiratory paralysis. For reference, the USB port on your laptop provides 1500mA, 50x more than necessary to suffocate you! Again, electricity and the human body are no joke. You need to know what you’re doing before you embark on this. I used it as an opportunity to review some high-school physics :slight_smile: Current kills, not voltage (generally speaking)

B2 is highly reputable, doesn’t have a weird buggy app, is made in the West, carries a CE mark, and runs off a battery versus mains.

If it kills you, don’t sue me, this is just my thought process when deciding what to buy.

Fair enough points.

Man, even the 2B runs on battery huh? The vast majority of the Estim devices seem to do that, which I find a big drawback. It becomes a constant source of spending money and wasting materials that way. Maybe just by design I’ll be staying out of Estim devices, which may be a shame. I’ve always wanted intense, hands free experiences. Already have the OSR2 which as an auto device already easily defeats me, but there’s always a drive to find the next step up. Estim seems like something that could make that feeling last longer.

Wouldn’t and couldn’t sue you at that point anyways lol.

Most people use estim as portable device and not with a computer. And these batteries can last very long. Estim barely consumes power. And when the battery is getting empty, you often can just increase signal strength to compensate. If you properly connect your device and have good contact points, the max power setting is usualy too powerfull unless distance becomes too large.

And in the EU (at least the region i live in), batteries get recycled quite effectively. There have been many campaigns about it, and there are plenty of points where you can turn in your dead batteries (any supermarket) so it is barely any effort (it doesnt matter if its 5 or 50 batteries, they dont take up that many space, so you can always find a convenient time/value).

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Man, even the 2B runs on battery huh? The vast majority of the Estim devices seem to do that, which I find a big drawback. It becomes a constant source of spending money and wasting materials that way.

If batteries are an issue, why not just use rechargeable batteries? A charger and a pack of rechargeable batteries is pretty cheap compared to what they used to cost. And as SomeoneRandom stated, the e-stim units use very little power, I think I’ve replaced the batteries in mine one or two times in the few years I’ve had them.

This has been a pretty interesting thread, because I was completely unaware of the high-end e-stim units. Every time I’ve tried to do research on it I’ve found the medically focused variety, not the sexual one. I don’t know about spending $400+ for these devices though, I just don’t see why they cost so much (I have a feeling the app development tacks on a pretty penny). I’ve never even heard of synchronizing with MP3s, that just blew my mind and makes me even more curious…

Personally, I’ve started with the cheap Chinese $20 units on ebay and I’ve had good mileage out of them. The feel is different based on what sort of contact end points you use. I’ve used cloth bands with metal wire inserts, rubber/silicone bands, sounding rods both metal and silicone, and clamps.

When I use the e-stim device standalone, I usually focus on foreskin stimulation. Mainly using the aforementioned clamps (plastic clamp with wire leading to a small metal disk). I’ve had a HFO from that alone. When I use e-stim with an onahole, I either chuck the two bare contact points in there and use onahole as normal (the leads usually stay at the end of the onahole, so you get a shock every time you hit the back of the toy) or I use a modified onahole in which I made a hole in the very back and inserted a sounding rod (you can adjust how much penetration into the urethra you want and then seal with glue or rubber bands on both ends of the hole) which is connected to the estim unit (with the other lead usually on a band around my shaft). Anyway, reason I’m pointing this out is that with a little creativity you can make even the cheap and shitty e-stim units work wonders.

As much as people seem to hate the Coyote, it’s the only one I would remotely consider buying because of cost. The Chinese ones haven’t killed me, so how much worse could this be? (famous last words)

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2B can also be hooked into mains — I don’t do that for aforementioned reasons.

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Without amp limitations, estim can cause burns and damaged nerves. This can be dangerous. A simple fuse/resistor for that reason is mandatory as it prevents excessive current. Sure, you can design the circuit to be safe. But the issue is that external factors cant always be considered, so your design must assume the chance of it shorting. And thats where unrestricted devices are a major hazard.

Also, any device that doesnt follow the electric safety rules is illegal in the US and EU to even be sold. Not always because of safety, but because Its breaking the licence that allows you to use it. The USB standard demands that you follow it, or you are not allowed to use the port design (which is patented).

Note that the USB killer actualy does follow the design requirements (its power is restricted, but because of other tricks is still building a big spike which can damage the port). And usage of it is already restricted in many other ways (its not designed as estim device, so doesnt need all human safety features).

Laws cover a lot.


True, didn’t think about just getting rechargeable batteries standalone. That does make things easier if I look stuff up. In the US here, and most of what we ‘recycle’ certainly isn’t recycled. We don’t seem to meet many standards.

So now I guiess battery devices are on the table. Time to double take all the devices recommended on the reddit community. Any recommendations on a rechargable 9volt and charger if I were to grab the ElectroPebble?

Holy crap, I went to see the shipping options from estimsystems when thinking of buying the ElectroPebble, and they are charging $60 to do so. No discount or free shipping for sales over $300…and all other sites for the product are even higher. That is 1/5 the price of the order, and it’s not a cheap order…time to keep looking around.

Again, build your own device with about $120 of parts, then add $34 for a Nobsound Mini Bluetooth 5.0 amp (on Amazon) and you are done.
Look at this doc how to do it: Tronics Design 1. MidiStim rig for noobs (without soldering) See the link under #3 above.
You need the amplifier, 2 transformers and 2 resistors to start with. Just PM me if you are not sure how to give it a try.

NOTE: The ElectroPebble only has only 9 different programs while an e-stim box can use unlimited mp3 files.

Forgot to update this thread. I’ve been reading in other communities as well, some people going through the same discussions as we’ve had now, and in the end I ordered a Electrastim Flux as they did. Has all the features including a couple unique ones, can use MP3 right from the get go without any additional fuss, has good power, etc. I did pick up a couple accessories with it and used a discount code they mentioned in the thread as well.

Here’s hoping it is everything I expect Estim to be, Worst case scenario I clean it, pack it up and sell it to someone in a community for a discount.(barring misuse causing injury, that would be a worse outcome, obviously and I am educating myself more on that stuff every day)

I’ll post here again or make a new thread on my experience with it after I give it ago. Hasn’t even shipped yet so it’ll be a bit. Thanks for all messages here!

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