Looking for help in suggested settings for usage of vibration devices

I am using a WeVibe Pivot and until now Scriptplayer since i have my eye on the program for a while,
my question surrounds the devices section and range ones. I tryed multiple and i am yet to get to a consistent “goal”, of 0 being a 0% vibration and 100 being 100% vibration. I tryed to look it up on here and else but did only find a awnser if it is something that should work or not. Not speaking of a smooth transfer from one to the other point ramping up the speed slowly. just getting some deadzones (not playing a section at all) or speeds or t points. So for a CH the classic beat tick down tick and “normal” 0-100 also just that or i missing something ? The MFP with the V0 for me, did send the comments in the wrong way or does not give out the right commands for the pivot. :thinking: sorry for WOT :TDLR generally need over settings in the funscript players for somethings to work or are funscripts based on stroke motion a very hit or miss for vibrators. PS: i know funscripts is flexable and its always gona be a matter of own preferance

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