Looking for ideas for a new PMV - [Phase 1] Suggest a theme

Hello everybody!

With my new PMV almost done, only need to script it, I am looking for ideas for a new PMV. Since video editing is currently way more fun than scripting for me, I’d like to focus on making videos currently. And like I did with the The Riding Challenge II, I would like to involve the community again. It was a tremendous help and I think it will be again.

The creation and involvement of the community will come in different phases:

  • Phase 1 - Suggest a theme
  • Phase 2 - Second vote on the theme to specify it
  • Phase 3 - Suggest videos / models
  • Phase 4 - Release

Now I am looking to find a theme for the PMV. I have a poll for you to vote, but you can still put other suggestions in of course and give more detail on your vote in general.

  • A tribute PMV to a model
  • A themed PMV (riding, blowjob, anal, creampie etc.)
  • I’d rather see a compilation (what kind?)
  • I have another suggestion

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Explanation for the votes

  • A tribute to a model - I already did 3 tribute PMVs to models (find them here). If you like to see a tribute PMV, let me know which model you would like to see for that.

  • A themed PMV - probably self-explanatory, a PMV following a certain theme. If you want to see this, post suggestions for which themes.

  • I’d rather see a compilation - if you don’t want to see a PMV and rather see a compilation. Post suggestions on what kind of compilation you would like to see.

  • I have another suggestions - if nothing is for you, post a suggestion of your idea.

Very important!

As always I want to keep it amateur. I don’t want to use any professional material and only want to use amateur / semi professional stuff. Please keep that in mind for your suggestions.

I don’t have a specific time on when to close the poll. I will announce the closure a day before.

Thank you very much for your participation and I am looking forward to your votes and suggestions :slightly_smiling_face:


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I vote for a special suggestion.
I am a great fan of Tease & Denial. So I may ask for a long (!) video with a lot of teasing that stops repeadetly and ends with an absolute denial.


I would like to see a compilation of The Start of Us. They are so hot to watch and are heavy on multi cumming for him and reinsertion.


A cumshotfocussed in general would be nice. There are not that many of those out there and most are pretty low quality

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Hottest non-pro asian IMHO. LMK if you need any help sourcing high quality vids.


Thank you for all the suggestions and votes so far.
As mentioned, I will collect all your suggestions and put them in a new vote again.

Vote and suggestions will be up for one more day. Tomorrow I will make a new vote with the winner of the poll and suggestions in it.

As a PMV or compilation?

I imagine PMVs are a lot more work - esp to time stretch and sync movement to the beat. I’d be happy with either honestly, but whichever one motivates you more. My only requests are fit girls and high quality videos :slight_smile: Big pixels and fatties can stay home. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I´m always a bigger fan of pmv´s; the issue is that as g90ak already mentioned it´s a lot more work and the music is always hit and miss for different people. While specific music can make something way better, the wrong choice can make it unwatchable.
In the end it´s your decision, right? It´s just that there´s an overall lack of well done cumshotvideos, especially in a pmv-format
Btw, thanks for all the work you do here :slight_smile: Just in general

Love her POV BJ scenes. Don’t have on my list as of yet though

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I’m a simple man who just likes cumshot/bj compilations of an kind.

I prefer compilations because they’re almost always longer and have much longer cuts which allows me to really enjoy the scene and get lost in it without getting bored. I like them to either have music through the entire thing, or no music at all so I can play my own. As far as bjs… well I just like getting bjs, but I also find them to be the most immersive experience with my Handy.

Holy crap that girl’s pretty!