Looking for ideas for a new PMV - [Phase 2] Specify a theme

Hello everybody!

Thank your for all the suggestion and votes on the Phase 1 - Thread.

I will summarize the votes and suggestions

  • 60% votes for a themed PMV (riding, blowjob, anal, creampie etc.)
  • 22% voted for tribute to a model PMV
  • 14% rather would see a compilation
  • 2% had another suggestions

The other suggestions are

My own suggestions:
A tribute PMV to Eva Elfie
An Asian Girls themed PMV

Let’s go to the vote then. You have up to 2 votes.

What kind of PMV / compilation you would like to see?
  • A “tease and denial” compilation
  • A “THESTARTOFUS” compilation
  • A “cumshot themed” PMV
  • An “Airessteele” tribute PMV
  • A “cumshot / blowjob” compilation
  • An “Eva Elfie” tribute PMV
  • An “Asian Girls” themed PMV
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I will keep the vote on for a while and will announce the closure a day before.

Thank you very much to all the voters and suggestions!


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To answer your questions:

Yes, PMVs are way more work compared to a compilation. For a PMV you have to get a fitting and good song first, then collect the material, then cut it together and hope it fits good with the beat. I sometimes had the problem that I chose a song and then realized it doesn’t work so well. I spent some time on cutting it together to then realize it’s not so good. So back to the start, find a good song and hope it’s better. Choosing a song is, as you mentioned, very important. It’s not possible to find something that everybody will like. So it’s nothing I will try to. I try to find something with a strong beat, makes cutting the video way easier. And also something without lyrics, since I think it’s more bothering. And I need to have it copyright free, so no takedowns happen.

If you have watched some of my PMVs, I mostly choose songs from Aim To Head. I like the overall style. I like the cyberpunk-ish, industrial-ish, dark-ish style a lot. It also offers some heavier stuff, which I like. Always has a good beat and some variety in the songs.

Compilations are easier to make. No need searching for a song and make it fit. “Just” collect enough material and there you go. But making a PMV is more fun. You can go more creative on it and when you have a good end result, it feels more rewarding.

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Once at least 50 voters are reached, I will close the poll. We are currently at 24, so 26 more to go.

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