Looking for scripter for commision

Dont really know if this is the place to ask this but I’m looking to commission a very long jav script. Would anyone be interested?

did you ever figure this out? i’m also looking to commission a script

I only see 2 options atm:

  1. Use the Script Poolers Discord Channel
    Script Poolers (SLR/RS)

  2. Add a script request in #script-requests and mark it in the title and / or text with PAID REQUEST, COMMISSION or something similar. I would add the price you want to pay. From my side, I ignore commission requests without a amount you are willing to pay.

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You can also check scripters with the #commissions-open tag. At least that’s what it is for.

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I’ll look into this tag thank you.

Thank you for elaboration. In terms of price what would be the usual rate scripters usually go for or is this something unique for every scripter

Some Patreons create script for low average here. Generally, I saw rates between 0,5 Dollar per Minute up to 6 Dollar. If it is possible to sell the script to others, rates are lower… If it is something special which is hard to sell, higher rates are normal or you are lucky and the scripter has the same taste.

depending on how complext it is you could do it yourself. the only scripts i have trouble with is hmv / pmvs because the music is hard to script other than trying to follow the beat of the music. the very complex scripts ive see idk how people do. but for fap heros it just takes a really long time and for movement based scripts theres a trakcing addon that does literally all the work lmao

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thanks for the info I guess I’ll make a request and see where it goes from there.