Looking for some feedback

I’ve been scripting for about 4 months now, and I’d like to think that I have improved but could really use some opinions.
Some nights are obviously dedicated to just enjoying a script (giggidy)
But I do devote some nights to research and development. I have made scripts to simply test different speeds and stroke lengths, in addition downloading scripts simply for review to see what the other guys are doing.

I am currently working on this and it’s almost done.


1080P_4000K_387177871.funscript (9.9 KB)

(I will do a proper free script post for this)

I plan on posting it tonight, but would greatly appreciate some pointers before I do.
Check out my Violet Moreau scripts, those are the ones I put the most work in.
Positives are great but negatives are how you improve, so all comments are welcome.


Your Violet Moreau scripts are exceptionally good.

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@burtreynolds thanks mate!
I would give you some feedback on your scripts but they are a little too intense for my taste.

I love slow scripts for myself, but they are so hard to make. Once I get some experience I’ll attempt a nice long slow one.

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