Looking to buy a realtouch device

Hello! As the title implies, I’m interested in buying a realtouch device - specifically the machine itself. If you have a tower and/or power cables that’s great but not required. I reside in the united States too. Let me know if you’d like to sell me one!

I have the working power brick and cable for the Real Touch. And a used working real touch which you wouldn’t want but I’ll sell you the power brick if you need it.

Well, I’m looking for the actual machine in any condition. If you want to get rid of it, let me know.

Hi, I’ll purchase the mini-tower ( control box ) from you. I have the power cables and device.

Hi, okay sure, I’ll let it go for $150 including shipping. Message me for details. Thanks

Oh and I assuming shipping to the USA actually for me to include shipping cost for $150 but I would need to charge extra for shipping if going to somewhere outside USA.


Oh my god YES!! If you could message me with a pic of the device to get started that’d be great. Or email me at mindpixel (at) proton mail dot com. And yeah, I’m in the United States.

Wait, nevermind; I thought you were taking to me. Oh well :\

What’s your email?

I’m talking to whoever is interested in buying the control box for RealTouch that I have. It looks like there are 2 of you interested?
I’d be happy to just take the highest bid in that case.
Just private message me here for details which no one has done yet.
I just snapped a few photos of it and can share