Looping videos/scripted 4 second videos

What’s the best way to deal with videos that are only 4 seconds long, e.g., cgi/sfm clips?
They can be extended and looped with ffmpeg but then the script must also be extended for each one.

Is there a player that smoothly handles short clips without resetting between each loop?

Incase it’s different for each, this is an OSR2

I found mpv as a videoplayer pretty good at looping small clips seamlessly.
OFS uses mpv and I’d say it loops pretty seamlessly.
There are plenty of script players for the OSR2 which can use mpv but I’m not sure about the looping capabilities of the individual players.

MultiFunPlayer allows you to pass arguments to mpv.

If you add “–loop-file=inf” you get pretty good results.

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Thank you for the reply, MultiFunPlayer is what i use and MPV Loops the video seamlessly. The issue is that the at the end/start of each clip the script gets resynced pausing and jumping the script.

I’m not sure what the fix for that is but I found the following.

There seems to be this hidden in plain sight menu maybe you can find the correct switch to toggle there. :thinking:

Edit: I think you might want to toggle the “Sync when: Seek” off because MFP might be interpreting the looping as a seek event. But I can’t say for certain I’ve never done this myself.

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There’s a tiny stutter but significantly reduced, this is the answer though ty

Make sure your script starts and ends at the same position so its perfectly looping.
The stutter might be because of the instant jump from different start/end positions.

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