Lost script from Joyfunsripter crash

So mad right now!! Spent ages scripting a video, 30mins worth, my computer completely crashes so I do a hard shut down. On turning in back on, I’ve lost everything. Auto save is alway running so I don’t understand how it has managed to delete everything. I tried to do a file restore, but there doesn’t appear to be any previos version. So annoyed, I can’t bring myself to start again on to the next video. Has this ever happened to anyone and how do I avoid it

OFS has been better about keeping backups. iirc they get saved in the appdata folder.

I assume you checked C:\Users\your_account_name\AppData\Roaming\OFS\OFS_data\backup?
You can type %appdata% and press Enter in Windows Explorer to get there.

Edit: seems that you can get there from the OFS file menu as well.

I was using Joyfunscripter :frowning:

Guess I need to switch over, but just don’t like the look of OFS

Oh, sorry, I missed the headline. Anyways, the backup feature in OFS is really good and has saved my work once due to an unscheduled reboot of my computer. If you haven’t tried OFS I think it is well worth the time and effort.

BTW, the problem with an autosave is that it most likely overwrite your previous save with a new one and if the crash occurs at the same time as the save then your file might be lost. Maybe that happened to you and is why you couldn’t recover your work. OFS store a backup of your work in a separate folder and not your working directory which should secure that at least one copy survive.

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