Lovense Edge 2 connect as bluetooth?

Can the Lovense Edge 2 connect to sites such as faptap via bluetooth?

I can only seem to connect with my phone via the lovense app and so the device wont show up as a bluetooth device on websites etc.

Otherwise is there a program that would sunce a handy and an edge 2 to the same video?


@Danklytoo If you’re using windows then Intiface Central - built on the Buttplug Framework is likely what will work for you. It can connect to a huge amount of different toys -

There are options for Lovense in the SETTINGS tab of Intiface Central. - Lovense

Yes it can, just tried with the gush. Like mentioed above you need the interafce from buttplug

If you connected it to your phone before, disconnect bluetooth from phone so the lovense wont automatically connect to the phone. hope this helps.

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