Lovense Max 2, Nora, Gush and Calor work now with SLR scripts

Hey guys

We have added Interactive scripts support for a number of Lovense devices with a newly released Haptics Connect Android and Haptics Connect iPhones that should replace SLR Interactive.

Max 2 - vibration, contractions. Set a value in the settings menu.
Nora (female) - vibration. Adding support for rotation
Gush (new product, pocket size) - vibration
Calor - vibration

Let me know how you like Lovense compared to other products. Any feedback will be much appreciated.

It appears that iOS has faster connectivity and response than Android. You can also adjust latency settings in the app.

Note - Connect a single device at a time. While multiple devices usually function, you might run into unexpected issues. We might add multiple devices support later in time if we see more requests coming.