SLR Originals 2022: plans and feedback request

Hey guys

Happy to see you all in 2022. It seems like a great year ahead for SLR Originals. We pan to expand to 12 scenes a month starting from February.

  1. We have been discussing with production team how we can make things even better. Currently we are reviewing positions and angles. Let me know if there’s a room for improvements. Screenshots will be highly appreciated. Also having interesting debate about the best timing for each position. Curious what you think of that.

  2. US Harem series are coming. Feel free to suggest. Definitely going to get it all POV. Still curious if it should be amateur or professional performers.

  3. We are looking forward to start shooting true 8K with then Canon camera. Hopefully we can start releasing in February.

  4. u/vrfanservice is likely to shoot many hands

  5. We are experimenting with depth maps. If it works like expected we can perfect the most known video issues like cross-eyed for objects getting close to the camera, forget about ever getting your eyes strained and also introduce 6DOF for all the videos in the next iteration.

  6. Hopefully we can finally start SLR JAV Originals production. Finishing the latest preparations for that.

  7. Any thoughts for all black production? Interracial? There should be BBC (big black cock) videos as well. Likely Non-POV. AMWF (Asian Male White Female)?

  8. We have been checking multiple times for thick performers, but we don’t find talent available that would suit Originals line-up. Feel free to suggest.

We are looking to explore more niches, performers and shooting techniques in 2022. And it’s always great talking to many of you guys.

We just released Lovense sex toys support, planning to add new cool features and released iOS Haptics Connect app to work on your iPhones and iPads, SLR AI scripting editor released.



Thanks for the update! Expanding on thick performers, I think Amilia Onyx would be someone to try and book. She has done VR before and has a rocking body.


Definitely looking forward to AMWF videos, if the 8k videos also come in MP4 or such then I will be happy since large mkvs do come with some issues sometimes and I have a very beefy computer that can handle the playback too

im really interested to see how your vids look in 8k, because i believe your current quality is up there with czechvr already which is pretty crazy, (only my opinion guys dont eat me alive)

so yeah, very interested to see your 8k vids! and of course the rest just sounds awesome, heres to a great year :sunglasses:

for the us harem use pro performers i forgot which studio but they released a scene (i think it was last week) with performers where not all had done a harem scene and it showed, some did not know what to do.

Oh and i would defenitly do something with more black female performers there are just too few scenes with them (wouldnt be surprised if there where less then 100 scenes with ebony performers across all the Vr studios)

and as some may know i’ve become a fan of non-pov, as pov starts to show its limits VRbangers tried some new POV positions but they where a bit forced. i like the realjam approach where they mix pov with non-pov.