Lovense Max 2 Scripts?

Are Lovense Max 2 scripts a thing?

New here and can’t figure this one out no matter what keyword searches I’ve tried:(

I can find “multi-axis” scripts no problem, but it seems I need something like “multi-function” scripts. Problem is either I’m using the wrong search terms, or what I’m seeking does not (yet) exist.

Are there scripts for vibe AND constriction, or some kind of work-around?

All these work with Max2 Interactive VR Porn: Sex Toy Scripts & Haptic

Releasing flat version of the app and adding flat content soon

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Funscripts that are available here are almost all made for stroker toys where a sleeve is moving up and down while Lovense Max 2 is a mainly a vibrating toy if I’m not mistaken. So even if you can use the scripts with the Max 2, most scripts aren’t designed for that kind of device. There are some scripters that create scripts for vibrators though. They should be tagged with for-vibrator-toys, vibrator or vibrator-only.

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Vibrator/compressor. It’s like a sleeve, that goes into a sleeve with a vibe mounted into it, in a solid shell, where the outer sleeve inflates (controllable) for a nice squishy feeling. The companion app has plenty of quite good feeling “programs” other users have made that you can try, but lacks any kind of synchronisation

If you want to watch 2D and not VR then I think it should be possible to connect Max 2 using Intiface Central. GitHub - intiface/intiface-central: Intiface Central (Buttplug Frontend) Application for Desktop and Mobile

Then you use Scriptplayer (available in the software section) and connect the player to Intiface Central. After that you should be able to load a video with script and run it. I’ve never done it myself since I’m into VR and use TheHandy and the player I use have built-in support for that device.

Yep, that’s exactly what I did (in 2D), only the vibe was being triggered, not the compression (which I operated manually). Guess I’ll be having a go at scripting :wink:. Although my first attempt might involve modifying, or adding to, some-one else’s work since I’m a newbie, but determined to make it work…

Ah, I see, hence your initial post mentioning multi-axis. Maybe check if the integration with Max 2 is mentioned in the Intiface Central forum because I believe it to be an integration issue if there is a need for two axis script to control vibration and compression independently. Maybe it is only a matter of selecting the right axis for the second axis.

There should also be an older discord channel (unless it has been closed already) that might have older discussions because I believe that the Intiface Central forum is relatively new (less than a year I think).

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