Lovense media player

Is there a way to convert .funscript files to import on the lovense media player?
It saves created scripts as a .max file and you can import .json format files.
I haven’t been able to find any .json scripts to import to see what they look like
and figure out how to convert them.

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Also curious about this-
Where were you able to find the .max file? maybe it could be reverse engineered?

Funscript files use the json format with the extension changed, changing the extension back to .json should be enough to have them recognised as .json files. Wether the program is using the same keys for it’s data is anyones guess though.

this don’t work.

Do you know how we would solve this issue?

Hello, while browsing for a solution, I reached this discussion and since I don’t know (yet) where I should post my question I do it here.

I began to use Lovense Media Player and quickly stumbled over a simple thing:
move a file pair (video, pattern) to an other folder (or device).
Importing again existing (but moved) video and pattern file doesn’t seem to work …
so I looked at the pattern.json file and found the “video_id” in it: is this the info that makes the association between video and pattern ?, can it be recoded with an updated filepath ?

Thanks in advance for any hint/help.

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